Friday, October 16, 2009

Friday's happenings!!

Hi all,
I am getting better at learning the in's and out's of the computer....not my favorite thing but necessary for me to learn. So I have been doing some Pet Portraits. I am doing one for Gordon's birthday. His doggie is Bandini and he is going to be SO surprised by his gift. I went to his house and took pictures and will doorbell ditch with the prezzie later (my favorite thrill!). I am doing another as this one isn't my best....stay tuned!!!

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Past Due Tuesday

Past Due Tuesday was created by Jan, my former Roomie, and she's great so I am going to participate. I am posting my Fiesta collection which is very special to me and here's why.....I am SUPER lucky to have a cabin on the water at Bass Lake, Ca. The cabin is one of the first cabins built on the lake and was developed by my Great Grandfather, A.G. Wishon, who worked for PG&E as the senior engineer and was hugely instrumental in creating Bass Lake, a man made reservoir. My family has been going to this cabin since the 1930's. It used to be rather posh, it has four bedrooms in the main cabin and a side "Maid's quarters". The cabin is completely original except for improvements like the roof, etc. Anyway, the fiesta collection is from our cabin, it's what we used to eat on when I was a kid and through the years as more and more people use this cabin we have put away anything old and valuable. My sister and I both split the fiesta collection and we thoroughly enjoy the hunt of adding to it. The colors of the dishes are bright and happy. I love the history and special memories that using these dishes brings me. I hope you have enjoyed my Past Tuesday offering as I have enjoyed writing it!!!