Saturday, April 16, 2011

Hip Chick has a breakthrough

I shared recently that I enrolled in the brave girls club, an online art class that empowers women in art. It's art therapy basically. Very powerful stuff. The adorable Melody Ross lovingly asks her students to be brave and overcome the obstacles that block us in life. Through art. One page, one stroke at a time. Genius. I don't have big obstacles to overcome, luckily. Some women are overcoming cancer, divorce, abuse, addiction, you name it, they are facing it. I think this class is fantastic therapy for them and it changes lives. My only obstacle in my way is ME. ouch. yuck. How can that be? Easy, we all get in our way if we listen to our insecurities. My insecurity is not being "good enough" and this is very common among artists, people in general too. But I am facing it. Head on. I am a brave girl. By facing it we can change it. How? By asking if it's true. Melody (even her name is beautiful) asks us to make truth cards, these are cards that empower us with statements like "I am precious" I am good" I don't have to know everything to be valued". and many many more profound statements. There are pages of empowering statements to choose from and you pick which one speaks to you. and you make an art card out of it. When you are feeling vulnerable the idea is to look at your truth card and ask yourself is what I am feeling true? or is it my old behavior talking to me? This class is only 2 weeks in and it has already made a huge impact on me. I am making art like CRAZY. It has helped me loosen up, Yipee!! This is exactly what I needed. I am playing again. I am letting myself experiment and I am loving what is happening...
I think this says, "You are so brave dear one."
This was a happy accident...which is what most art is..I saw these two old pictures hanging on the wall in the shop and decided to experiment with them. I glued some burlap on them, painted on the burlap and then looked around for things to use on top of that. This is often my process...I saw an old picture and some ribbon and as I was just thinking of my truth statements I used one and was finished. Then I made this go with it..
It says "Let your wings guide you. You were meant to soar"
and I loved it. I have an obsession with wings as they are my spiritual symbol ( as they are for many people) and my Hip Chick Design sign has wings on either end so this works really well in the shop. I posted the pictures on my Hip Chick facebook page and immediately sold these pieces. wow. This has never happened before. I was just goofing around.....hmmmmm....I think there's a lesson here. Suffice it to say the direction of my art has now changed from traditional painting to mixed media collage. I love the combination of vintage vibe combined with empowering statements. It's exactly what Hip Chick is all about! I am just so grateful to be making art that represents me, for the shop and has meaning. And people like it. This is my purpose, this is why I do what I do. I don't need to get rich, I don't sell my art for much, in fact, it's ridiculously cheap. I sell my art for the joy of it. I love to make something beautiful that makes another's life more beautiful by having it. That's the best feeling in the world. I am going to be adding my art and treasures to my website and setting up paypal for those of you who don't live nearby and want to purchase my goodies. I have been meaning to do this, it's the way of the future. Online selling. My art pieces were $38.00 each. A steal. So if you are looking for affordable treasures you know where to get them. Me. I have more goodies to share but I must get going. We have an art class today at the shop. It's a collage, mixed media class by Stephanie Jordan and it's going to be fun. I am sure I will learn some tricks and I love seeing people enjoying my shop and making art. I will host a class myself in the future, right now I am enjoying letting others teach and I am the student. There is plenty of time and thanks to my brave girls lessons I don't have to do it all NOW. I will let it flow, naturally and gently. Thank you for checking in on Hip Chick Happenings....I love your support!

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Happening's at Hip Chick Designs

Last Saturday we had Julee Hermann teach us all about soldering at the shop and it was delightful. There were 9 students, not including myself, and Julee walked us through how to create a pretty picture in a house shaped case and when we were done enclose it with the soldering technique. It looked kinda intimidating at first, the soldering iron is HOT and I know I am such a spaz I was worried I would hurt myself, or someone else. But I managed to come out unscathed, as we all did and I have a beautiful piece of art to show for it. Here are some pictures of the class....
I love how everyone made their own creation, no two were alike....
First you make the 'collage' then you put it in the glass to be preserved...
our beautiful teacher Julee Hermann
the demo
Patty has taken all of Hip Chick's classes so far...
Terin made her piece as a gift for her brother
my piece before it was soldered
soldering station
The Shellies having fun....
Terin soldering her piece
My finished piece, "Key to Life"
I love soldering now, I want to solder everything....haha. typical. But I think it'd be great to have a set to make charms and necklaces, shrines, etc for the shop. I shall put it on my wish list...Our next class is this Saturday with Stephanie Jordan who is teaching a mixed media collage class. There is still space available and as you can see this is a great way to spend a Saturday afternoon. You can be surrounded with good creative energy at a fun store, learn new techniques and walk away with a beautiful piece of art, handmade by YOU. A real treat. If you are interested email me at Or call the shop at (707) 747-5543. We'd love to have you. I love having people make art at the shop and we will be having classes monthly, if you want information, make sure to join my email list as I am sending newsletters monthly. I have a facebook Hip Chick page where I post events often as well as I have a tab on my blog for constant contact, this is where you add your email to my list to be informed.
Lastly I want to shout out that Open Studios is April 30th and May 1st at the Arsenal. This is a once a year event sponsored by Arts Benicia and it is not to be missed.

The event is all day Saturday and Sunday it is FREE, and you will see more than 100 studios open for your viewing pleasure, I don't know about you but I LOVE snooping and this is your chance to snoop in these studios that are normally closed. Come see what art is made right here in the Bay Area, there is food, drinks, music, and art show, raffle and most of all.....FUN! I know I will be there, and I hope to see you too...thanks for taking time to check out Hip Chick's happenings...