Saturday, February 27, 2010

What a week!!

These are a few recent shots of the happenings at Hip Chick's. This week was bursting with activity!! Sharon Payne Bolton a fellow arsenal artist and I instantly bonded and have decided to infuse our create energies and it's been electric. She is a talented artist and otherwise bionic woman who can use power tools, this greatly impresses me and she has 3 young children!! She is wonder woman. She made my work table (in her spare time) which now anchors the back portion of my studio and has been the catalyst for me to get women together to make art. I also got some fabulous shelves "Free" on Craig's list to store all my art supplies and treasures. This all happened this week, so the shop has been in flux and now it's really blooming! I had fun, cute hip chick customers and everyone has been so supportive and excited about the vibe in the studio. It is very welcoming and fun and there's something for everyone. I am now going to hunker down and paint my little heart out to get paintings made for open studios May 1st and 2nd. A HUGE event in the arsenal, only happens once a year. All of the artists in the arsenal open their doors/caves to the public and it's a rare chance to see them all in their special place. I arrived just in time last year so I walked around and meet a few of the artists who otherwise stay fairly hidden all day. I encourage everyone to attend this event, it's free, it's fun and hey, I'll be there!!!!

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Old trucks are my "new" thing

I started this painting of an old truck today. I took this picture in Crockett on an artist expedition inspired by the C&H sugar factory. Any old and funky building always warrants a photo shoot. After I took pictures of the factory I saw this old truck and it was so charming in it's rusty, old way and I snagged a great shot with perfect perspective. I knew after I downloaded it that I wanted to paint it. I put crackle paste on the canvas which created a chalky texture that I am loving, and so far I am excited about what it's looking like. I will up date the photos as the painting progresses for those who are interested. I am getting inspired about collage and I have a video loaned to me by Sharon my dear artist friend called "Collage textures and techniques" by Claudine Hellmuth. I am off to watch and learn and add a new dimension to my art work. How fantastic!!!