Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Paradise revisited

This is a video of baby turtles taking their first steps in the world....magical

and here is a slideshow of my various pictures of the trip of a lifetime...I will never forget it.

I posted even more pictures on facebook, and to be honest it's much easier to do. But there are a few people like Robin who only check my blog so I post these for you....a labor of love. As the pictures show it was a trip of a lifetime. I waited 24 years to return and do this trip with Ben and it exceeded all my expectations. I got to see old friends, my old house, sail to Buck Island, see turtles migrate and renew my wedding vows. It was magical. I can't wait to get painting and make a giant painting of Buck Island. I have been to St.Croix three times, twice to live and once for a vacation and every time I am blown away by it's charm. If you haven't been then go. It's completely unique, third world funky, combined with epic beauty and charm. It has my heart and soul, and the best moments in my life.....