Thursday, November 4, 2010

Flying first class

A miracle occurred, out of the blue, and rocked my world. For the first time EVER the pilots wives were invited on the Global by Ellen (bosses wife). She was going empty to Boston and NY for 3 nights, four days and I jumped at it. We had to get up at 4:30 AM Saturday, this was the only bummer of the whole trip, but who cares when you get there and it's all first class livin'....We took off in seconds, that jet gets up fast, and I kicked it in my plush leather seat, and was served a hot towel with lemon for my cleaning pleasure. This was the way of it, I got a meal served on white linen, crystal glasses and sterling silver cutlery, I had choices for what to eat, I chose split pea soup and a caprese salad. I had a television as big as what we have at home and I could get up and do whatever I wanted for the whole flight!! This was the best part, you see I'm not actually into flying, AT ALL. I am quite the opposite, if I never had to fly that would be just dandy but unfortunately it's the main mode of transpo to get places. Especially as my hubbie is a pilot! That being said, I loved the contact I had with the flight crew, I got to chat with the guys in the cabin and even sat in the co-pilot seat, learned about how the plane works, good to know info, and chat up Susan our lovely flight attendant. Before I knew it we were in Boston and we walk off the plane and into our rental car....SNAP...just like that. Ahhh the ease of it.
Boston was chilly and beautiful, we had a family trip there about 5 years ago so I was familiar with it's charm. We ate dinner at our favorite Italian restaurant, "Giacomo's" where you just line up outside for a table and they always have a line as they are that good. The next day we wanted to see some fall foliage and I wanted to bring along the tutu as it had been awhile since I had a fresh tutu shot. Got some by a lake we stumbled across and then we headed to the Colonial Inn for a "Lobsta Roll" , a Boston tradition, heaps of lobster with some mayo on a hot dog bun.....YUMMY! After lunch we found my dream store called nesting, full of Hip Chick style items, I bought a few and was happily satiated as we left Boston to fly to NY that night.
All corporate jets fly to Teterboro airport if they are going to NY due to such high volume of traffic and it was my first time at this FBO (flight based operations) the FBO was SWANKY like a fancy Elle Decor magazine interior and a grand piano in the corner, there was a huge pilot's lounge and all the celebs and the richey riches go through on a regular basis. I was in this is how the other half lives.....NICE! Our flight was only 45 mins, that's my kind of flying and then we drove about as much to get into the city, Times Square was our destintation. It was on. It's always on in NY and at Times Square. And this day just so happened to be Halloween. Thank God I thought to bring my tutu's and a mask in case I was feeling feisty....they were quite popular. Ben and I walked around Times Square and tourist stopped me and asked if I would take a picture with them, it was hilarious! And fun! Of course I was more then happy to oblige and then I took pictures with various costumed folk, it was hoppin! We heard there was a rockin parade in Grennich Village so we headed down and it was so packed we could barely see a thing. But everywhere we went there we people dressed up, having a good time and that made it worth the trip. Note to self, Halloween is HUGE in NY....
Next day was mellow, our only full day of non travel so we soaked up the concierge lounge and set off walking the streets. Had lunch at Eataly which is a huge Italian compound of little restaurants and markets. We bought some fresh pasta to take to Jeff's house for dinner (Ben's oldest friend) and it was a smash hit. We watched the Giants win the World Series and it was all good.....Tuesday was our last day and we ran in central park where they were setting up for the Marathon, it was a chilly, clear day and I love running in the park. Later we went to Chelsea and had a lovely french lunch and walked on the highline a new above ground walkway, very chic, artsy and scenic, in an industrial area of the city. I even squeezed in a thrift shop and felt like things could'nt have been better.. But there was one big finale after all that waiting at the teterboro airport. I saw Zach Galifianakis from The Hangover and Robert Downey Jr. a few minutes later. Robert was with his wife and I didn't want to bug him but Zach was alone so I asked if I could take a picture and he said sure. I want to camp out at the FBO and see how many celebs I can count in a that was my trip, a real whirlwind of first class travel, fun sights, quality time with Ben, and unexpected pleasures...sometimes life has a way of just surprising you and exceeding all of your expectations..