Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Annual cherry pickin party

Today it was finally nice here in California, it's been really wet and chilly so seeing the sun shine today was glorious.  Last year about this time the hubbie and I went cherry pickin' and it was really fun.  and delicious I might add...I love me some crunchy bing cherries.  don't you?  Man they are good!  This time our daughter Abby joined the fun and we ate as many cherries as we could before feeling sick.  Then we picked cherries to bring home, far more than we will eat.  I like sharing.  Sharing is caring I always say...so here's some fun shots of our cherry pickin excursion...
don't these look delicious??

Ben certainly thinks so!!

had to wear my tutu, it's tradition!

yo, who loves cherries?

Abby in the treetops

the cherries killed her

our bounty

here's my lot, where's yours?

this is the life!

my darling daughter Abby

she humored me with the headband (pressie from Ben from Italy)

it's fun up here!

Hellooooooo overrrrr thereeeeee.....

there were tutus falling from the sky...

and landing on ladders

exquisite contrasts

tutu in cherry orchard

Now who wants some cherries?  They go quickly as they are sooo yummy...after all the joy of this excursion I came home to find I got published in Crescendoh in the Art Saves category....this is really exciting for this Hip Chick.  I entered my story on a whim and forgot all about it and then today find out I'm in !  Yipee!  Here is the link for those who are interested...
I am honored to be in this publication and it validates all the effort I put into my business.  Being my own boss is a learning experience everyday, as I am the bookkeeper, the buyer, the artist, the marketing manager, the spokesperson, the writer of blogs and websites, etc...I could go on, suffice it to say I wear many hats.  Motherhood has trained me well for this job, as being a Mother ones juggles numerous things at once.  It's always changing which I like and there is a never ending list of "To Do's" which I don't always like, but I wouldn't trade it for anything.  Thank you to you who have been supporting this adventure.  You help motivate me when I am down, wondering what the heck I'm doing...all it takes is a simple, "way to go" and I'm feeling good.  Let's keep frolicking on and see where the road goes....I'm glad we are on it together....