Saturday, April 3, 2010

Rain, Rain, GO AWAY!

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Rain, Rain GO AWAY!! This hip chick is a fair weather girl to be sure. I say when it's sunny, I'm sunny...when it's cloudy I'm cloudy....basically I am a tried and true California girl. I could never do harsh winters in the East, in England or places where they have actual 'winter'. So I was GRUMPY yesterday with the torrential storm that blew through, freezing my ass, blowing the cow hook off my door and breaking it and generally making my mood as gloomy as the skies. Phew. Just need to get that off my chest. So after this next rain, which I am dreading...rain on Easter? I am ready for the sun, for which we pay top dollar as Californians, to shine....On a frivolous note I have some fun new sundresses I want to wear, wildflowers I want to shoot and suntans I want to absorb. hahaha.. I know it's the weather and what can you do, right? I marvel at people who actually enjoy the gloom and rain. I mean a day of rain ok fine, but we have had BUCKETS and not a week off for quite awhile. I'm just saying "Mother Nature thanks, we're good now." For today I will enjoy? the gray skies and chilly temperatures as a respite from the howling wind of yerterday. Maybe I can even open my doors at the shop? I know, now I'm talking CRAZY!

Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Hip Chick Birthday Extravaganza

Wow, what a birthday! If you can't stand to read about how spoiled I am then read no further...if you can stomach it, read on, don't say I didn't warn you though. Ok so today was my birthday and for those of you who know me you know I love to make a fuss, have a lot of fun and be the center of attention...(humbleness isn't really my strong suit). My day started wonderfully with breakfast in bed made by my doting husband, a mushroom-sun dried tomato-mozzarella omelet with some yummy fruit and coffee of course...I was lucky enough to open one of my birthday presents which was a macro lens and a wide angle lens. I am SO into photography as you may have noticed, documenting everything I do ad nausem, so this was a total score of a present! I got dressed and was picked up by Sandi the gorgeous, in her finery, (jazzy skirt, bonnet, bling etc..) and away we went to see what trouble we could find in Santa Cruz. The only glitch of the day was when her engine light came on, de-railing us temporarily while she called her mechanic who assured us it was ok to drive. Phew! The weather cooperated too, the skies were clear and the sun was out so I was relieved. We thrift shopped til the cows came home (odd expression actually) and I have fabulous frocks for the spring weather and for hip chick's new 'vintage' rack of clothing. All that shopping made us hungry so I took Sandi to Aldo's for her first time...many, many years ago I waitress ed there, back in the olden times of 1988 or so..I had my usual fish sandwich and Sandi splurged on the fisherman's platter...well stuffed, we rolled on outta there and searched for flowers to photograph. I needed to try out my new birthday lens' after all. We found some wisteria and playfully photographed the foliage, I switched lenses and shot the beach getting full use of my new equipment. After all the hoo-ha we came back to town and my family took over the celebrations.

Only seconds after being home there was a doorbell ditch splatter from non other than Sandi! Geez how did she manage it, there were PILES of goodies! The splatter included art pencils, a Frida book, movie passes, body art and I'll just stop at that before you puke from all the decadence. Sandi isn't known for doing things subtly. As I recovered from the splatter, my daughter Abby made me a wonderful collage of pictures and mom 'sayings' such as "Don't cha just love it" , "woo-hoo it's part-tay time", and the like. A precious keepsake, and my son Alex also made me a Bass lake collage which is hanging in my bathroom, the creativity abounds in this family....I also want to thank everyone who wished me a happy birthday on face book, I felt so loved and I really appreciate how it keeps us all connected...

For dinner my husband presented me with a gourmet feast of Alaskan king crab legs, wild rice and asparagus. I know you are barfing by now from the gluttony, I don't blame you....this was alongside more presents, the best being "TICKETS TO TOM PETTY" my idol of all time, June 5th. After all this, I blew out the candle on my cupcake and thanked God for all my blessings. It was an over the top celebration of love. I know how fortunate I am, I try not to take it for granted, and I channel the good to inspire me. My wish is that this goodness spreads, that I can reflect the love and generosity I receive, back. All the people and energy I receive love from, are all part of hip chick's story. I love to share this happiness through blogging, it's like a living journal of my journey. So I'd like to thank each one of you who have supported me, loved me, and helped me. It's because of you that I am so blessed. My birthday is just the icing on the cake...


Tuesday, March 30, 2010


Today is Ben and my 19th wedding anniversary and we decided to explore Petaluma for the day.  I haven't been there since I was 4 yrs. old and frankly I had no idea it was so cute.  There are antique shops a plenty, adorable restaurants and Heritage Salvage to name a few.  Heritage beckoned right away as we drove by, I saw the word "Salvage" and I said"Make a Uie" to my beloved.  We proceed to explore the yards and "Bug" appears, he is the owner and mastermind of the operation.  Bug is a charming fellow and very gracious, he showed us around his fine establishment.  It was hard to focus as there was so much to look at, everywhere I turned I saw more goodies, from stained glass windows from a 1890 conservatory to old doors, the place had it all.  I wanted to buy the shelf with the spools on it for Hip Chick's shop and Bug said "Happy Birthday", I mean geez, what a guy! I LOVE this shop and I want everyone to go there and support this happy place.  Lord knows as soon as Daisy is running I will be over there filling her up with goodies for Hip Chick's shop.  After the excitement of Heritage we went downtown which is quaint and charming, the brick buildings and antique shops had me at hello.  Poor Ben had to endure me going into them and drooling, but as it's our anniversary he was on extra good behavior.....hahaha.  We stopped in at Summer Cottage where Julie and Marlene have booths and are my customers from Room with a Past and Hip Chick's.  I met Michelle the owner and browsed the nook and crannies of this delightful treasure trove.  I purchased a pink stool for the shop and tore myself away to feed my starving husband.  (BTW Petaluma is having a HUGE antique flea market April 25th so be there or be square).  We ate a "Zazzle" (fun name) and the food was as good as the rest of the town, we had coconut curry soup and an apricot curry wrap that were to die for.  Totally satiated we rolled out of this adorable town to drive on back to Danville.  I will definitely be returning, with cash, with a vehicle to load my treasure, and to say hi to "Bug" and the friendly people of this sweet town...It was a perfect way to spend the day celebrating our anniversary.

Micahel "Bug" Deakin-owner

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Monday, March 29, 2010

The Thrift Station

I volunteer at the Thrift Station in Danville, I work two days a month, 4 hour shifts.  I love it.  This place is the best place to shop in town, I can't believe the things I find here.  The donations are astonishing, we get labeled clothes, vintage antiques, great jewerly and so much more all for pennies compared to retail.  We are all volunteers and all ages, it's amazing how many people run this organization.  I have been there for two years maybe three, and I help out in fashion shows by modeling (it's a tough job and someone has to do it!).  I also help by spending wads of money everytime I go there, today for example I spent $20.00 and got a variety of items.  A parasol, vintage games, a sweater, a candy dish, a journal, yatta yatta.  I go to the station routinely as do MANY of our regulars, why? because we know we will find treasure.  It's a gold mine.  All of the proceeds go to the Discovery Counseling Center who help teens and families in crisis.  We make MILLIONS through donations and customer support.  It's mind boggling.  I'm just glad I get to work with such fun gals, Cheery and I work on Mondays and Jeannie and I work the Tuesday shift.  We greet everyone and ring em' up, stock merchandise, try on clothes and gab with our fellow shoppers.   Sometimes we break for a soda and some chips, they feed us well too....So in case this is news to you get on down to the station before I buy everything first!  You won't leave empty handed....

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Sirens in Sanity come to Hip Chick's

 Saturday at Hip Chick's was beautiful, the sun was shining, the air fresh and crisp and people were out and about enjoying themselves.  I started my day with a few sales, gathered some books, old paper, a couple of vintage dresses and a rack so as to start selling vinatge clothes (let's give it a whirl).  Then I opened up and had a few people come in, Harold and Patty my steampunk friends, and the day went by pleasantly.  Laura Ellington stopped in (she makes amazing vinatge jewelry-Green Paintbrush) and as we were chatting these beautiful ladies come in dressed to the nines in all their colorful clothes and took my breath away!! These are the "Sirens in Sanity"belly dancers , they had a performance nearby and they all decided to grace my store with their beauty.  Of course I grabbed my camera and took their pictures and they were all so much fun buying jewlery and feathers, glasses and the like.  They made my day, nothing like an unexpected group of beautiful women to come along and crank up the energy! Makes me want to grab a halter and skirt and start shaking myself all to and fro....afterwards the family and I decided to see the show "Oklahoma" as our freinds Ann and Molly Taylor are in the cast.  It was a rip roaring good time and if you can go, see this show.  So quite a fun Saturday for this hip chick and thanks again ladies from Siren's, hope to see you all real soon!
Siren girls at Hip Chick's