Wednesday, October 7, 2009

website, opening and the like

Ok well I did it, I made a website!!! Woohoo!!! It's at Now it's in the early stages mind you and why it's hipchickdesignsca is due to hipchickdesigns being taken-bitch!!! No just kidding, she seems nice enough just by her website...:) So I've been feeling like a semi techie as I could actually put music, pictures and such on it. Who knows how fantastic it'll be after I get help from a book I got on how to make it fabulous. So the wheels are a turnin. Now I need to be patient (hilarious!) and wait til our studio person leaves in 60 days and I can make more space and really thrive. I will have a GRAND OPENING around the New Year I think....if anyone is reading this don't worry YOU'RE INVITED!!! It's going to be fun!!

Monday, October 5, 2009

Road Block

I encountered an unexpected roadblock in my new venture the other day. A very unpleasant encounter with a person who is in my studio and with whom I had never met. I won't bother rehashing the details but suffice it to say it has created an unhappy chain of events that have detoured my progress somewhat. But I will prevail and all will be well in the big picture. I will focus on my website, my business details and my paintings until she's gone. As soon as this is resolved we'll have a grand opening and celebrate to the future of Hip Chick's and all it's successes!!