Thursday, February 24, 2011

Stencils are my latest craze

One good thing about crummy weather and it being slow at the shop, I create more. I have been making journals all week, out of composition books and I pretty them up with paper and tags and stamps. They are fun and a great gift at only $18.00.
Today I pulled out some small wood pieces and decided to play with them and see what I could come up with. I made a cute little sign..
and a small collage of my daughter in her tutu with 'dance' from the dictionary and some added elements to give it depth.
I liked how it turned out and so did Abby. The best part is using what's around the shop and seeing what I can come up with. Yesterday I decided I wanted to try stenciling, as it's pretty prevelant in mixed media what with all the layering that goes on. But stencils are kinda hard to find so I decided to make my own. Initially I didnt have the proper tools, I had an old blade and our cutting board with which I made a basic bird, which is on the cover of the first journal above. Today I found my new exacto knife and cutting pad and I was fired up to make much better stencils. Here's what I made. I started with an easy one...
then progressed quickly...
I loved this one and was pleased how it came out....recognize it??? "The silly walk" from Monty Python
and my finale was Mona as in Lisa. Here's my first attempt...
oops, where's her mouth?? Then I got the mouth shape out and.....
Wa-La, a masterpiece! I was truly shocked how well it came out. So I am on a stencil roll now. I love that I can use these over and over, and making them only costs .20 I mean how cheap is that?! Just transperancy paper and a knife, and of course patience. Which isn't really my virtue but when it comes to certain things I can exhibit some. Hope you enjoyed my show and tell...I am sure I shall be making plenty more art as it's nothing but rain and even snow in the forecast...when life gives you rain make a sun stencil and create your own landscape!

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Collage class with Steph Jordan

Hip Chick is hosting another fun art class April 16th with the fabulous Steph Jordan.  Here are the details...

Come have fun with Mixed Media Artist Steph Jordan and learn several different techniques while creating a fabulous 11 x 14 Collage on Canvas.  Supplies provided by Steph.

The techniques you learn can be used on many different Art projects and Crafts and include using Beeswax, Emboss, Gel Gloss and more.

As hostess of ‘Living In Color With Steph Jordan’ and owner of her own Art business ‘Diviacity’ Steph has focused on teaching healing Arts as well as navigating your way around all of the product out there.

Steph has taught her product driven (lots of gooey stuff) techniques at various venues in the Bay as well as Los Angeles and Sacramento. 

Join us for 3 hours of mad fun! Plus… Steph gives each guest a ticket and before it’s all over someone wins a fabulous prize to Inspire and Create their own goodies!

April 16th , 2011
11 – 2
Kit & Supplies Provided
Here are some of Steph's collages
Everyone loves "Mona"...
and here's more
This is "Goddess Nature" and there's one more
"Her heritage"
I love collages and Steph is a master, so I will be excited to learn new techniques myself!  Steph has a dynamic spirit and this is going to be a fun time.  If you want to bring a photo of yourself this is encouraged but not necessary.  All materials are included in the price of the class.  Mixed media is so hot right now and these collages are all individual, reflecting your personality.  The fun of taking a class at Hip Chick's is the camaraderie of learning  a fun technique around other interesting people in a fabulous setting.  How could you resist learning art surrounded by tutus and antiques??  
So sign up now, there is space for 10 and it's first come, first served, you can sign up at the shop, through my facebook hip chick or by phone at 707-747-5543.  Spend your saturday making something lasting and special, I sure will!