Thursday, September 16, 2010

Liberty High school and Rotary event

Yesterday we had a fun annual event in the arsenal. The Rotary club of Benicia and local wineries join together for a fundraiser for Liberty High School. It's a mini open studios for all of us in the arsenal and a chance to meet new people and have some fun. I always welcome these events as great advertising and I am happy to participate in open studios and meet all my fellow artists. There were wineries spread all around, the high school students volunteered to pass trays of food and the art gallery was open for viewing. The studios were open and a fun time was had by all. Miriam my part time helper came and we donned tutus for flair and fun, then we had some jr. hip chick's wanting in on the action. I happily obliged but most of my tutus are in my son's car for his photo shoot of the football team which will be happening today! I can hardly wait for these pictures.

Tomorrow this hip chick and her entourage will be road tripping to her favorite place, the place where the tutu first came on the scene, Bass Lake. I am bringing some tutu's along with my friend Kat, my daughter Abby and her friend Louise. Our friends are first timers so it's going to be fun to show them around. I guarantee Fork's burgers, thrift shopping and lots and lots of fun....stay tuned for more craziness and as always thanks for being on my team!!!