Saturday, February 19, 2011

Rainy days are good for Art

Yesterday I played hooky.  I admit it.  I drove in the sleet and rain to the shop on Thursday and I couldn't bear it again friday so I called in sick.  Haha.  My boss is very understanding, she said "just chillax Carrie," so I did.  I vegged all day, in my sweats.  munched on everything in the house, joined Constant Contact to help me organize my Hip Chick customers and then I made a journal page.  Here it is...
How I started this was first I was practicing my lettering by using a calligraphy book as a guide.  I thought of a shield with the different aspects of my life as a form to hold the words and I penciled them in before going over them with markers.  Then I shaded each word and thought of what to put inside the  compartments.  I started with the marriage, I had just read a story in Real Simple on this woman's marriage,and she had a nice quote I wanted to use, "marriage: a conversation that lasts a lifetime."  So this is in small text with an image of a couple holding hands, then I added an image of a man and lady dancing.  Easy-done.  I did friends next and I didn't want to just put pictures of friends, rather a symbol of what friendship represents, and I found this image of a girl splashing in puddles.  So I cut out her legs and put her on my shield in puddles, thus symbolizing friendship to me.  Friends are companions to play with, to let your self be completely free with and just laugh.  Next I did family, I found this tree stamp and it seemed to go perfectly, obviously trees are symbolic of family, and they represent nature and the Earth.  I kept this simple with just my core family names and painted the background with watercolors.  Lastly was Art and I made a heart as art is close to my heart, and then added the word "creativity" and some wings as they are my spiritual symbol.  I didn't know what else to put in the space and I saw this shoe that caught my eye so I decided to draw it and hang it by a string, like some eye candy.  Lord knows I couldn't walk in them but I do love them and I appreciated their style.  So all in all this probably took a couple hours and I was pleased with it's outcome.  I felt somewhat productive making some art on my 'sick' day and really it was the right choice.  I watched it rain ALL day and I was thankful I was inside, on my couch all cozy, contemplating life.
Today however, I must go in, I am going to get a run in as I am much overdue, this weather has hampered my motivation.  Brrrr.  Then it's off to the shop to create more art and hopefully make a few sales.  Hope wherever you are that you have a good day today, try something new, it's the best way to learn.  Thanks for stopping by, I love your support!

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Walk on the Wild side Wednesday

Today I look outside and see white puffy clouds and rain drops on the trees.  I am laying in bed catching up on my emails, and facebook before I pack up and head to the shop.  Julee Hermann wrote about the shop on her blog so I wanted to share.  She is going to be teaching a class at Hip Chick's on April 9th and I can't wait.  I love having art classes at the shop for many reasons, I love sharing my happy place with others who are creating, I get to learn something new and it's just FUN!  Art classes are in demand and I am thrilled to facilitate this at the shop.  Julee's class is April 9th 11-3 , it's $65.00 supplies included and sign ups are at the shop or through me.  A credit card reserves your spot.  This class is limited to 10 people and you will be learning how to solder.  I myself have never tried it so I'm is Julee's link to her online class which describes the process we will be learning.

Julee and I just met a week ago, after I friended her through "Creative Workshops".  I saw she lived in Orinda and I said "hey Julee I live in Danville, we should meet, so she and her sidekick Stephanie came to the shop and we all feel madly in love."  So it is with artists.  I love connecting with other artists and the online art communities I have listed in my sidebar have acquainted me with many.  So I better get off my duff and get ready for my day.  Lots of creating to be done, hope you all have a wonderful day, thanks for checking in on Hip Chick happenings!

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Art makes people happy

I honestly need to catch my breath, things have been so exciting, even this Hip Chick who LOVES fun is reeling from recent events. About a month ago on a whim I went to you tube and typed in "mixed media" and found fun videos of artists doing their thing. This has since ignited a flurry of events that are mind blowingly awesome. Ok as I shared in recent blog posts I found Pam Carriker, Millande, and Gary Reef all on you tube and loved each of their unique styles. Well each of them have their own network of people and from there I have been meeting these incredible artists, all in mere days. I saw Julee Hermann on "Creative Workshops" and I noticed she lives in Orinda which is very close by so I said hey, I have a place in Benicia, yatta yatta. And what do you know she shows up at my hip chick door on friday with her fabulousness and Steph in tow and we became BFF's  instantaniously. They are just like me, they love fun, they love creating and sparks flew!
Let's just say it didn't take any coercing to get them to put on tutu's!! We are already collaborating for a big art event this summer...Each of these talented ladies has plenty to are some of their goodies...
here is Julee's blog,
and here is Steph's

then I on Saturday I got to host Anna Corba's art class at the shop. We had 10 people come create beautiful collages and it was simply exquisite. Anna is such a sweet lady and she was the pioneer behind all this vintage crafting that we all love. I have admired her work for years, so to meet her and have her in my shop was truly an honor. I felt extremely grateful watching everyone having fun gathered in my happy place.
Anna provided everyone with a packet full of collage images, she walked us through how to put them on the canvas and then the final step was layering wax over the top. I was so jazzed I didn't think I would be able to focus on making one, but I am glad I managed to pull something together. Now I have a special piece to remind me of this Joy Jar day. Here are some peoples work...
Joanne and Mandi made some beauties
So did Terin who is really taping into her artist. There are more pictures on my facebook Hip Chick Page so if you want to see all the fun look was a magical day. I feel incredibly blessed. I had a big "ah ha" moment recently that I'll share. I was a Women's Studies and Art Double major in college and when I graduated I thought that's nice. Now what? I went on to have my daughter and raise the family and I put art aside. It was only a couple years ago after reading "The Artist's Way" that I reacquainted myself with my artist. And then I followed my dreams to lead me to where I am now. My "ah ha" was this.....This is exactly what a Women's Studies/Art Major does, she has a business geared toward empowering women in the arts. And it's called "Hip Chick Designs."  It only took me 16 years to figure it out, but how wonderful to see the culmination of experiences that meshed together to get me here. It's not the destination but the journey that's the point.