Friday, December 18, 2009

Grand Opening Celebration!!!

Grand Opening at Hip Chick's January 16th 12-5 everyone is invited, there will be live music, food, drink, fun and frivolity!! I am busy busy getting the place ready and SO excited to bust out and share this with all of you.  Today is my sister's 40th birthday and we get to go to "Prom" tonight as her party.  I am thrilled to wear a fancy dress and have my handsome husband wear his tuxedo and be my date.  Standby for pictures as Alex our son is the hired photographer (also helped me with my flyer, thanks Alex!) He's a jack of all trades actor, ballon artist, photographer and basic entertainer.  Things are just going fantastically for this hip chick.  Thank you all for your moral support, I hope you come celebrate at the opening party......

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Holiday Brooches-Past Due Tuesday Post

Today's post showcases brooches and I took pictures of the two I posess.  I purchased these beauties at a thrift shop (of course) and found them to be utterly charming.  I imagine a lady in the 40's wearing a fancy dress cooking her holiday dinner with the table set beautifully, her husband sitting by the fire smoking his pipe with the children gathered around reading books.  She's calmly preparing the meal, looking elegant and sophisticated with her brooch sparkling in the Christmas lights, a real woman of style and class.  Fast forward to 2009 and today's woman frenzily prepares her dinner from Trader Joe's, while wearing whatever clothes she hastily threw on, while juggling the driving of her children to the various activities they have, while her husband (if she has one) is sitting by the fire smoking his pipe......haha!! Ok maybe I overexaggerated but times are different and for the most part women don't dress like they used to.  I admire women who take the time to put themselves together and I especially admire women who dress in vintage as it's so creative and fun.  So to you ladies who dress up and put on your dresses, good job!! I think I'll put on one of these sparkley brocches for our holiday dinner and play the Donna Reid role for 5 mins or so.  If nothing else it'll be good for a laugh!!!