Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Reunited and it feels so good....

Last weekend I got to reunite with my old best friend Cindi Thompson.  Cindi and I met in the girls
bathroom at Leigh High school and we became instant best friends.  We were inseperable.  We shared so many life experiences I couldn't begin to write about them...we had 20 plus years of fun together.  But then we had a rift, and sadly the rift lasted about 7 years.  But then out of the blue, we talked again and we mended our differences.  What a miracle.  If I had my old pictures scanned I would do a photo log of our relationship, but it would takes hours to find the pics and scan them to do that.  Just picture the 80's, then both of us with feathered hair and you have the image....then fast forward to these...

Cindi with her boyfriend Gage, and her brother Scott with his kids

Carrie, Scott and Cindi

old St.Croix friends Susan and Cindi

old roomies Cindi and Ben

Cindi and Gage

The Claydens

group shot in Santa Cruz

best buds 
here was the reunion, at Aldo's in Santa Cruz and Alex (my son) was our waiter.  So fun.  It was a wonderful day for everyone, we all ate yummy food, caught up and walked to the beach.  I have missed my friend and when I thought of us it made me sad.  It's such an empty feeling to end a friendship, its like a death.  But we got a second chance and I am so grateful.  Life is too short to hold bad feelings, and if you have an opportunity for happiness then take it.  I did and I am glad.  The day after I talked to Cindi I healed another relationship that was painful in my life.  Talk about synchronicity.  It was on fire that week!  How fortunate to have this happen in the same time and make my life twice as good in two days time.  I am still adjusting to the enormity of it.  I am always open and willing to what life presents, and especially so when it's a blessing.  What a blessing this is.........