Wednesday, January 12, 2011

countdown 3 days til PARTY!!!

Only 3 more days and we will be celebrating at the shop. I am tagging and fluffing, and thrilled with our forecast. It looks like a nice day is on the horizon, I was a bit worried. Today we received heart chalkboards, French messenger bags and vintage crowns. Just I was unpacking my friend Sharon came by and took my picture...She is the bomb. We are going to start having classes at both our studios, we have the exact same taste in rusty vintage everything.
There is going to be a tutu dance party filmed at 2, 2 for tutus and hopefully it'll be SO fab we will post it on you tube and go viral-tastic. Even if it doesn't we will have a blast making it and dancing around in our colorful skirts. Daisy will be there, she's been gone for 7 months and I miss her. John will start playing music at 1:00 and we will have yummy food , drinks and my famous cupcakes to nosh on.I am truly grateful I have ridden the storm of my first year, it's been challenging at times. There were times I was questioning my endeavor and doubtful, I had many days of no sales and no customers and this is difficult to not take personally. I rode it out and kept the faith, although I will admit I considered relocation. I'm happy to say I am staying put. I love the arsenal. I love the artists, the water, the FUNK, the architecture and actually the calm. I think if I were in a busy location I might burn out, I like time to do my art and have the place to myself. It is fun though when it's busy and of course it's ideal to make a couple bucks. This helps my morale a lot! Basically it's validation. So hope to keep on dancing, making art and seeing where this ride will take me, it's been an adventure and I'm so happy you are taking it with me!