Friday, December 11, 2009

Frida Kahlo

 Today we went to the studio and transformed the place.  We froze our butts off but it was worth it.  While we were there a brave customer came in amongst the clutter and found a treasure she had to have (we all know how that is).  It was a mini Frida Kahlo painting and it was only $10.00 So many women love Frida, we love her passion, her intensity and her lust for life.  So I was inspired to highlight her and perhaps I'll do some portraits of her when I can find some time.  For those of you who haven't watched the movie get it, Salma Hayek is amazing. 

Frida, the person and her art, defy easy definition. Rather, they lend themselves to ambiguous description. Often volatile and obsessive, Frida was alternately hopeful and despairing. She loved dancing and crowds and flirtation and seduction – and was often miserably lonely, begging friends and lovers to visit, not to "forget" her. She had a ferocious and often black sense of humor, as well as a sharp command of wit and metaphor. She took great pride in keeping a home for Diego and loved fussing over him, cooking for him and bathing him. She delighted in pets – mischievous spider monkeys and dogs – and adored children, who she treated as equals. She loved nonsense, gossip and dirty jokes. She abhorred pretension. She treated servants like family and students like esteemed colleagues. Frida Kahlo embodied alegría, – a lust for life. She valued honesty, especially to self.

She once wrote to a former lover (who allegedly had jilted her because of her physical infirmities), "you deserve the best, the very best, because you are one of the few people in this lousy world who are honest to themselves, and that is the only thing that really counts."

When Frida Kahlo died at the age of 47 on July 13, 1954, she left paintings, each of which corresponds to her evolving persona, as well as a collection of effusive letters to lovers and friends, and colorfully candid journal entries. All are irrefutable evidence that her life was nothing less than a quest to be honest to herself – 1910 birthday and all.

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

New Logo

I went to Santa Cruz and collected my son Alex from his dorm and brought him home to the bosom of his family.  This son of mine is amazing and for those of you who know him this goes without saying.  It's wonderful to have him home and I have really missed him.  He's very clever and he made me this amazing logo today.  I have to say he can do just about anything he tries and with excellence as well.  Thank you Alex.  I have been slowing my pace a bit as it was in maximum overdrive and frankly I'm not good at sustaining that pace indefintely.  I hit a wall and it takes me a few days to resume my natural spunky self.  I did put some Christmas decor out even though we still don't have our tree.  I think we'll get it this weekend and I'll enjoy having the whole family together to decorate it.  So that's what's the haps with this hip chick, hope you're all staying warm and bundling up with some hot chocolate and a blanket. 

This is my boy...........who couldn't love that face????
He has a blog you need to follow at

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Bottle brush Christmas trees-Past Due Tuesday

Bottle brush Christmas trees are hugely popular and easy to make.  I decided to learn about them as my topic for Past Due Tuesday unfortunately I didn't come up with much on the origin of these decorative  beauties.  I did however find out how to make them myself and I like that even more!!! The attached link shows a fun loving guy making these trees and they couldn't be easier.  Just run off to Michael's and buy their ready made trees, dip them in a bowl of bleach, if you want a fun color you probably add food coloring I'm guessing and then let it dry.  When it's dry take glue and spread it on the edges and add glitter and then embellish with balls and garland.  What fun, I can hardly wait to do one myself.  Hope you all try it too, let me know if you have ever done this or if you do ok???

Monday, December 7, 2009

Christmas Boutique and Grand Opening

The Red Tree Christmas Boutique was a fun filled event yesterday, all the jewelry artists along with Hip Chick came to Colorz Hair Gallery to sell their wares.  It was a frosty and winter y day but we did manage to make some sales and have a good time socializing.  Now it's time for this hip chick to get ready for her Grand Opening event which is January 16th from 12-5 come one come all.....I am going to get some entertainment, have refreshments and get the place looking gorgeous for all to enjoy.  The floors were just finished a few days ago and I haven't even had a chance to get the place jazzed up yet but all in good time.  One can only do so much I'm realizing as I haven't even decorated my own house for Christmas yet!!I have pet portraits to finish for Christmas presents so there is no rest for this busy hip chick.  It's all good stuff, I'm not complaining, just trying to catch my breath......Saty tuned for updates and photos of the shop as it starts to take shape......