Monday, November 21, 2011


Yesterday I went to Restoreandrework,, in Castro Valley, a hidden gem, owned and operated by Cisco Diaz.  I met Cisco about 6 months ago at the Treasure Island flea market, he has wonderful vintage items at good prices, so naturally I was hooked.  He is as nice as can be, warm and friendly and we chatted about antiques and business.  Since then I have seen him at various locations (he gets around), namely the Alameda antique fair and vintage sales in town. He has a knack for display and I love his combination of jars, baskets, containers and treasure.  Here we are in front of his store yesterday
I needed mason jars to make Joy Jars and he has plenty....I bought a lot...
Giant Joy Jars for people like me who use their Jars so much they need to keep upgrading to bigger and bigger jars...these will be transformed by Hip Chick and you can buy them at my store or online for a great holiday gift.  I will talk more about these later...back to Cisco's awesome store...I did a quickie interview while we were packing up my goodies...
"When did you start your business?"  Cisco said, "June 2010.  I was unemployed.  I couldn't find a job.  I decided to build some things, and I built my first birdhouse..
then I built another, a bench, an table, and next thing I knew I had 40 things to sell, so I went to the local Castro Valley farmers market and sold my first item.
Then from there I did other farmers markets.
people said , You should do "Alameda", so I baby stepped with smaller venues first.
I went to the DeAnza flea market, and did some vintage shows, the Treasure Island Flea and finally "Alameda" 8 months ago.  His spot if F27 for those who go frequently (like me)...
Various items Cisco collects
So I asked him, "Do you love what you do?" and he said, "I wish I would've started before, I was a mortgage wholesale representative and now I love the freedom to do what I want.  I love the creativity to make new things from previously used old things.  I love the interaction with people.  The big shows keep that alive."
Cisco can be found at the Alameda antique on the first Sunday of every month at F27, at the Treasure Island flea market on the last weekend of every month,, and at his new shop in Castro Valley open the 2nd Saturday of the month from 9-6.
He has a facebook page, which is this link and could use some support, he is going to quickly get it, I can tell you, his place sings with charm.  Here are some pictures of his new store in Castro Valley...
there is so much to see, everywhere you look there is treasure..
I love all the rusty pieces mixed with useful jars, and boxes..
I got the killer candle holder and it sits on my bedroom vanity, thanks Cisco!  
charming rusty bike mixed with frames, boxes, candelabras and vintage frogs...
I love supporting other people doing what they love, and Cisco is good people.  I know we will be doing business together in the future and if you live in the area you should check him out.  You will find yourself leaving with a smile and some treasure, what more could you ask for??