Friday, October 23, 2009

Happy Birthday Ben

Happy Birthday to my husband Ben!!! Today is his birthday and we are going to his favorite place to celebrate, Tahoe. This picture was taken at Akaka Falls in Hawaii in August, such a great trip. So this hip chick will be having fun taking in the mountain air, gambling (just kidding) and hiking. Our daughter Abby is coming with her friend Ashley and they are excited as it's our first time taking Ashley on a trip. So I'll be posting all about it when we return. Thanks for checking in on what's happening in this hip chick's world........

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Wednesday Happenings

Today was spent bringing a load of chairs to the store and arranging items. The space is feeling cramped already and I'm excited to expand in December. I started Linda's grand dog portrait and it's coming along nicely. It warmed up which was unexpected so I went next door to Rags to Riches clothing consignment and bought a short sleeve top. A real luxury to have a clothes store right next door, also very dangerous!!! Little by little I am movin and groovin. I am most grateful to be following my heart and my spirit and the rest will all unfold. Thank you to all my friends and family who are supporting my endeavors!! I love and appreciate you very much.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Past Due Tuesday Post

Ok, I am going to admit I cheated. I didn't plan anything for the big post today and I wanted to post something, anything for the Past Due Tuesday and I took a picture of a chandelier that's hanging in my stairwell. It's not vintage (but it looks like it!!!!!) I got it for FREE from my friend Neal (typical scavenger that I am I noticed it amongst stuff and said" hey whatcha doin' with that?"). He was only too happy to have me take it off his hands. I forgot to mention, it was all gold and 80's ish and I saw the potential immediately. So I PAINSTAKINGLY took off all the crystals and spray painted it a yummy cream and SHA-ZAM!!! VINTAGE. It looks so good I just had to keep it (could have tried to sell it at Room). So whilst I am posting a non-vintage item for this post the important thing to remember is, who cares as long as it LOOKS like vintage???!!!!

Monday, October 19, 2009

Rainy Day Monday

Rainy days and Mondays don't always get me down, in fact quite the opposite. I went to the studio and listened to the rain while I was cozy and nurtured by my favorite place and it's good vibes. I ended up painting two paintings, one I did very quickly just for fun (30mins or so), while the black and white I'm still working on...Afterward I went for a killer run in Benicia State Park and the sky was spectacular!! The water was still and the reflections were inspiring. I went to the edge of the park and looked out at the Carquinez bridge and had a moving spiritual moment. I felt completely joyous and grateful for the sights, smells and vibracy of my run. So it was not at all a dreary Monday for this hip chick......

Sunday, October 18, 2009

weekend frolic

This hip chick has had nothing but fun this weekend!!! First I saw my gal pals Kima nd Di on Saturday and bopped about San Rafael all day. Beautiful day and good times with my girls. Sunday hooked me up with lovely Linda in the Muir Woods, hiking amongst the redwoods. How blessed am I......Tomorrow I will go to the studio and take some pics and price and get ready for biz!!!!!!!!!!!!!