Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Tutus sometimes lead to boas....

Tuesday was a fun and special day in this hip chick's life. It was my 9 year sobriety birthday. This is a good reason to celebrate, not that I always need a good reason, but this was one. I went to a noon meeting with my sponsor Kae and my friend Kat and after wards we went to Chow's restaurant in Danville. We feasted on delicious food and Kae brought her customary sparklers to add the birthday flair for dessert. It's always a party when Kae is near which is why she is SO perfect as my sponsor. Kat and I took off after lunch in search of tutu's, she wanted to buy me one for my present and who am I to refuse? We went to a dance store and they had some, but not much sadly, we did find boas and wigs though, and took some fun shots before heading to a thrift shop in Hayward. Rumor had it they had some tutu's but this was one rumor that was dead wrong. ZILCH. Well being that we still had some energy left and we are determined crazy girls we went to yet another dance store and took more goofy photos as we realized tutu's weren't in the cards but pink boas certainly were. Kat generously bought one for me and one for her and we laughed our way outta the dance store. As we were driving home we realized matching pink lipstick would seal the deal so we stopped at CVS and found the perfect shade. WOW was it bright and we commenced to take photos with a little girl laughing at us all the while. What a fun and fabulous birthday and now we can add pink ostrich feathered boas into the mix. We realized we should've been Vegas showgirls and we might just work on our act and go on America's Got Talent, you never know, it's worth a shot!