Saturday, December 11, 2010

Open Studio weekend

Well it's Saturday at 8:11 and I am getting ready for the big weekend, it's our open studios at the Arsenal in Benicia. I have tried to spread this news ad nausem on facebook and with postcards etc. I never did post on my blog so better late than never right?! I have a new line of fragrances called ToykoMilk and they are yummy! plus loads of Christmas decor, art, cheery music, snacks and best of all ME! haha...
So I hope all you fans can come and celebrate this occasion, perhaps find some Christmas presents and have fun looking at all the art studios here in the Arsenal. I love open houses, I was always a snoop when I was young so when you can go in someone's private place it's a treat. There is every possible kind of art and flavor happening here, and the talent is enormous. I am honored to be a part of this community of creatively talented individuals. I feel like a kindergartner compared but at least I'm in the game ya know!! Pictures to follow of course so stay tuned and thanks for your support!!

Monday, December 6, 2010

ToykoMilk coming to Hip Chick

I am excited to announce the shop will be carrying ToykoMilk a luxurious line of yummy perfume, lotions, soaps and candles. These will hopefully be arriving in time for open studios this weekend so come on down and get some! I am psyched for the festivities and merriment...then we have Hip Chick's 1 year anniversary celebration coming up on January 15th. There will be dancing in Daisy, music by John Richmond, tasty treats and bubbly. There will also be a special tutu dance party presentation by my daughter and her friends so it's going to be FUN!!