Monday, April 4, 2011

Soul Restoration Online Workshop by Brave Girls Club

Hi blog friends. I have been neglectful. I'm sorry. It's hard after an absence to get back in the mode ya know? But I am here, I am thinking abou cha. What is up is trying to decompress back into real life again after the vaca of a lifetime. Re-entry is brutal. When one is transported so dramatically into paradise as I was, it is very challenging to do laundry, pay bills, and get groceries....I mean no one is feeling sorry for me, and indeed I'm not either, I'm just telling it like it is. So that being said it's time to get back into it....LIFE. Hip Chick and creating and frolicking..sometimes a break is good. You come back rejuvenated and ready to take on the world. And other times it leaves you numb, fuzzy headed and unclear. I'm experiencing the latter. So I decided to treat myself, yes, treat myself to "brave girls club" online art class. I found it through the facebook art channels, and it looks really positive and inspiring. Just what I need to get back into art after my little sabbatical. Here's what I am talking about..

check it out....these are some darling girls.

I just know we'd be friends if we met in real life. But since we haven't YET, I will do the workshop and meet other artists and women that are doing the same. I have done other workshops and met other women like my new friend Julee Hermann who happens to live near me and is teaching a class next Saturday at Hip Chick's. I met her through the Creative workshop's group and now we are hooked up! I love the internet for connecting people. I also love taking art classes and since I am time challenged as we all are, online classes are the best! You can do them at home whenever you have free time. There is nothing better than watching others create and then learning a new technique to implement into your own art. I am now a 'brave girl' and I shall be excited to see what unfolds....