Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Hip Chick has returned to her roots

Today is day 3 of being in paradise....St.Croix USVI. I have waited 24 years to get here. Why? Gosh I guess it seemed so far and so expensive, but now that I am here I know I won't wait that long to return.
This is a picture on the first day outside our room at the hotel...
I moved to St.Croix in 1978 from California, my dad was transferred through Bank of America and we lived here for 2 years. This is house we lived in..
I went back and knocked on the door and Megan answered and I told her I lived there 32 years ago and she was so gracious as to let me go inside. I saw the whole house and it hadn't changed one bit.
I remember this big room just like this...and I saw my old bedroom...I used to sneak out of the sliding glass doors...good's so wonderful to go back in time. I just love it.
I dream of the things that happened there and then there I was, "snap", back in that house. Surreal. I also saw some of my old friends...Big Beard has a charter boat company and he sails to Buck Island...My favorite memories are sailing
with him. Ben and I are going to Buck Island tomorrow and I can't wait..
I saw another familiar face, Sue Gibbons, my old roommate from my 20's.
I came back to St.Croix from 85-87 and lived here once again. Had way too much fun.....I went back to California to 'visit' and ended up staying as I had started to date Ben, my husband. So for us to come here 24 years later together is full circle indeed. Words cannot convey my feelings, but I am a sharing kind of gal so I show in my pictures my joy.
I have posted many more pictures on facebook as it's much easier but I know there are those like Robin who don't go on facebook. So these are for you...thank you for caring. for checking. for being in my life. Hip Chick is in her mecca and she has never been happier...