Saturday, March 6, 2010

Beautiful Ava and Hip chick's best day yet!!!

Here is adorable Ava, she came into Hip Chick's with her mother and was my best customer ever. She is five years old, cute as a button, as well as fun and fabulous. She captivated me with her beauty and charm. Her mom was sweet and enthusiastic about the shop, making piles of goodies while Ava and I colored a picture together. Wish I would've taken a picture of that but I wasn't thinking clearly in all the excitement. You understand. She was such a hip chick and only 5 years old, she loves flowers in her hair, (she bought the flower headband), and she also got the flower hat that is like a walking, talking party on your head. This girl has style and is going places let me tell you. I can't wait to see her again and Ava if you're reading this thank you for making my day today. You are a treasure!! I continued to have loads of mothers and daughters today, must've been the beautiful weather and everyone was in a joyous mood. I couldn't help glowing myself as everyone was so complimentary to the store and it's wonderful vibe. It was wonderful validation which keeps this hip chick motivated to keep doing her thing. I have started another truck painting, this one much larger and I am going to do a series of vintage trucks and put them all on my back wall...It'll be so cute with hubcaps and license plates, very country girl/hip chick style. It ended up being my best day since my grand opening after a pretty slow week so I was elated. I can't believe I get to buy treasure, sell it, decorate and paint and call it my "job". I am one blessed and grateful hip chick.......

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Ohmega Salvage, Urban Ore, Jimmy Bean's and East Bay Depot for Creative Use

Today was not damped by the rain, Sharon and I planned on hunting for treasure and hunt we did!!! We started at Ohmega Salvage in Berkeley where I got a metal box and a metal star. Then we went to Urban Ore a treasure trove which had thus far been untapped by either of us crazy ladies. It was a huge warehouse full of doors, windows, tables, knick knacks, books etc...I was in heaven! I got a sweet file cabinet/table to use for my paints and to hold all my various papers. It was $22 which felt like a good deal, also accumulated a drawer, a jar for $5 that Sharon thought was WAY too expensive (hahaha) and a wire basket. After all the shopping we needed to refuel so we went to Jimmy Bean's which had been recommended previously to me by lovely Linda. Good choice, their food is kick ass. Sharon had to leave and tend to her flock but she gave me the 411 on the East Bay Depot for Creative Use in Oakland. Another treasure trove!! Got a bag full of art supplies for collaging and creating art for $30.00 along with a killer spool table for $10.00! I was one satisfied hip chick when I looked in the back of my car and saw all the goodies. Not bad for a day's work, it's a tough job (not) and I'm just the woman to do it!!!

Monday, March 1, 2010

Beautiful day on Mt. Hamilton

Yesterday (Sunday) I attempted to collect treasure at the SJ Flea Market to no avail. The was no treasure in "Baja Mexico" for this hip chick so I was somewhat saddened until we went to Mt. Hamilton and I saw the gorgeous sights. The weather was perfect, about 70 degrees and the hills were covered in lush green grass. Ben was my date and my Nikon camera was my recorder of our lush surroundings. I love barns so I was excited to find one to add it to my list of things to paint...If it's old and rusty then I love it. Tomorrow (Tuesday) is an artist expedition with Sharon to hunt for treasure for the shop and gather wacky bits and pieces of salvage from Ohmega Salvage. A guaranteed good time will ensue as I get to hang with Sharon and look for treasure!!!