Monday, June 7, 2010

Two more tutu's to add to the party!

This hip chick has had an amazing weekend and it's been full of fun and tutu's.  Saturday night I got to see my favorite band of all time Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers play at the Oracle and they rocked the house.  Sunday was the Alameda antique and even though I got home late Saturday night I woke up early (unusual) and was rarrin' to go by 7 am, so Kat and I drove there as fast as we could and shopped till we dropped.  Actually we could've kept going but time and money were a factor!  Well, needless to say we scored big time and it was probably the MOST fun time yet at the Alameda and why??? Because of the TUTU"S!  I swear they have magic in them and they always bring joy and happiness wherever they go.  I had to pay a pretty penny for the pink one $65.00 but it was so fluffy and beautiful I splurged and boy am I glad I did.  No sooner did I buy it then I had compliment on top of compliment paid, and fun encounters and more good vibes thrown my way.  Shortly thereafter I found an exquisite beaded vintage dress, a hat and yet another tutu this one yellow. As soon as I had the yellow one in my hands people wanted it!  It's hilarious how magical these things are, so Kat and I shared our tutu's, our joy and excitement and just bubbled about marveling at the treasures and cool people at the Alameda yesterday.  Broke, we left and had to go to a BBQ where I decided, what the hell, I'll wear the tutu and just in case bring along the red one in the car, one never knows what can happen.  Good thing I did cause everyone wanted a part of the tutu action, I had my second man put it on, Neal, and it got the party started!  Kat showed up later with her yellow one and the pictures tell the rest..... Well what a day it was off the hook and the pictures show how fun it all was......
So today (Monday) my husband Ben and I talked about going cherry picking (his good idea actually) and sadly he was called to work but not until 1:00 so we decided to go anyways and see what it was all about.  I'm so glad we did!  We drove to Brentwood and found a stand on the side of the road, tutu in tow we walked through the orchards and took pictures galore, it was gorgeous!  The cherries were to die for and the scene was charming.  We got 6lbs. of cherries, gobs of photos and decided it was so delightful we need to do this annually.  I have so many painting possibilities from just two days of tutu's and their experiences that it was all I could do to get this posted, I am so freakin' excited!  What I find most entertaining about the tutu's is how they just entered my life unassumingly, then exploded with their charisma and charm on the very first outing (Bass Lake photo shoot) and now they are taking me on a journey that is fun, colorful and completely unknown.  Whenever I have them on, or bring them with me places, a guaranteed good time happens and all because of a gathered piece of fabric.  They obviously have a magical essence and I bow to their powerful spell that they cast on the people who dare to don them.  The hard part is taking them off, gosh, if wearing them is so great why would I wear anything else?  I guess just like anything, it's more special if it's used wisely, with respect for the spontaneity and playfulness they need a rest just like we all do.  Then they can razzle dazzle and shine all the brighter and keep leading me where they will.  Wherever it goes, the tutu train has brought much joy, what more can you ask for?