Monday, September 28, 2009

Back to Biz

Looks like I am venturing out into the world of business all on my own, I know about the creative side but the business side is an uphill road of many twists and turns. I will trudge ahead and take it as it comes. Today I brought more stuff to Benicia, my days at Room with a Past are done but I will stay in touch with the place as I love it so. Just not going to work to keep my feet in both places and I want to explore Hip Chick's in Benicia. I'm struggling with a schedule as I don't want to be tied down and yet I know if I intend to sell things people will want to know when I'm open.....these are the big decisions I need to consider now that I'm a store owner.....That and how to post pictures, get a website, business cards, a sign for the front, a business license and the list goes on. But don't fret dear reader I will do it and by golly I will be victorious!!! How dramatic!! Let us (me and who ever is reading this) stay tuned to see how this all works out...............

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