Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Old trucks are my "new" thing

I started this painting of an old truck today. I took this picture in Crockett on an artist expedition inspired by the C&H sugar factory. Any old and funky building always warrants a photo shoot. After I took pictures of the factory I saw this old truck and it was so charming in it's rusty, old way and I snagged a great shot with perfect perspective. I knew after I downloaded it that I wanted to paint it. I put crackle paste on the canvas which created a chalky texture that I am loving, and so far I am excited about what it's looking like. I will up date the photos as the painting progresses for those who are interested. I am getting inspired about collage and I have a video loaned to me by Sharon my dear artist friend called "Collage textures and techniques" by Claudine Hellmuth. I am off to watch and learn and add a new dimension to my art work. How fantastic!!!

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