Saturday, March 20, 2010

Out to Pasture

Here is my latest painting "Out to Pasture" I have fussed on it over and over, mostly the truck, and I am leaving it for a bit to see if I want to call it done or not.  I  can tell you it's not always easy to know when a painting is finished.  I tend to overwork it and that doesn't mean it gets better.  I had some good feedback from Victoria a fellow artist whose work is much looser and she told me to use larger brushes for a looser effect.  So I did, I had the truck detailed and almost too defined until I used a fatter brush which loosened it up.  I like it looser and I'd like it looser still but I"ll get there....step by step...painting by painting....It feels exciting to be producing a body of work, to be able to consider myself an "artist".  Honestly I couldn't really feel comfortable wearing that title until recently, now I'm honored to be called an artist.  I'm amongst a prestidious group of acclaimed artists in the arsensal, and I am humbled by the talent surrounding me.  I'm humbled and inspired to keep making art so I can show in galleries and make some money with this passion.  What breeds success is action.  Doing a little bit everyday towards a goal will eventually get you what you are after, it's really that simple.  What prevents people from doing the work isn't the work itself but the fear of success.  It's easier and safer to dream about things than to put yourself out there and try, to maybe not be the best but learn from being ok, perhaps good even.  If you keep at it, eventually you might get great but you'll never be great if you don't try.  If you don't start.  I am proud of myself for just doing it, for believing in myself enough to say I will succeed.  Now I realize that I can dream bigger and bigger, it's ok to go for it, to think why not me?  If it's meant to be then it will be, all I have to do is show up and do my best.  I have never been so driven or so sure of my footing before, there is no chance I will falter.


  1. I think you are a wonderful artist Carrie! Love your work. Love Julie Pierce