Monday, April 26, 2010

The Tao of the Tutu

 It was tutu madness this weekend!  I had no idea a tutu would bring such joy to so many people.  Just to recap last weekend Abby and I bought a red tutu, had a photo shoot and loved the pictures.  Being a girl who seeks out fun and adventure, I thought I'd better pack all the tutu's I could to go to Carmel Valley for my friend Megan's 40th birthday party.  Everywhere I went and everyone I saw wanted in on the tutu fun.  Megan confessed she always wore a tutu when she was young, and she never wanted to take it off.  Naturally she jumped at the chance to 'rock the tutu' and have a spontaneous photo shoot.  After Megan was done and all aglow from the tutu good vibes, Becca asked if she could join the fun.  You know I was more than happy to accommodate and we shot more good pictures.  I was pleased the tutus were able to transform these women into little girls and playful creatures.  Becca even went topless but I won't share these pictures on my blog as this is the internet after all.  Suffice it to say she looked gorgeous!  The tutu wasn't finished for the night until the other birthday girl Angie put one on and twirled about.  I had 3 women completely letting loose with their playful sides and the evening was a smash hit. 

The next day was all about tutus once again.  My friend Annie McKeckney and Patricia Taylor wanted in on the fun and we danced about Patricia's yard doing the cancan.  Afterwords Annie and I went to the beach but we left our tutus in the car, I mean they deserve a break once in a while, until we pulled them out for yet another photo opportunity.  There was this old rusty, adorable old truck at "campsncottages" just perfect for this crazy hip chick to throw on her tutu and snap away.....have tutu will travel is my motto now!  After I left Annie's house to go pick up my daughter Abby at her friend Maddy's house we commenced to have yet ANOTHER tutu photo shoot with all the MacInturf's.  It was a lot of fun and I even got Sarah to put one on, after much insistence.  Just before we left to drive home we all talked about the magic of the tutu and all it's possibilities.  My brain is on overdrive with creative endeavors (yipee) and this is only the tip of the iceberg!

Here is is Monday and my red tutu has been put on once again for a shot right outside the house.  Ben and I took Miss Daisy for a sunny drive to Mt. Diablo as she's finally up and running!! woo hoo!  Right next to Daisy is a hill filled with red wildflowers and since I happen to bring my tutu everywhere I go I was able to quickly grab a shot of this wonderful color.  Later we hung the tutu out of Daisy's window for a splash of color on Mt. Diablo.  Now I know I am in the thralls of tutu madness, and how long this last remains to be seen.  But don't be surprised if the next time you see me I have you dressed in a tutu, I am dying to get as many people as possible on board my tutu-train.  The tutu embraces our inner child, playful spirit and joyous zest for life.  Tutu's are visually beautiful, romantic, uplifting and artful.  Perhaps tutu's can connect the world, it sure has me fired up!! So hop up on the tutu train and ride, ride, ride.....................

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  1. Love your article! I feel the same way about tutus. First I was a dancer, now a ballet teacher and a tutu maker. I just wanted to let you know there are other people out here who are tutu-obsessed!
    They really brighten all girls' lives with no age limit. It is also so awesome that they have left the ballet stage and are on the fashion runway.. making it OK to wear them anywhere.
    We went on a family vacation to Carmel last summer. Wish I had worn one to the beach. :) Thanks for the entertaining post.