Monday, May 3, 2010

WOW, what a weekend!

Open Studios was a HUGE success this year!  What a blast seeing so many people I love and new faces all in hip chick's shop.  Saturday was gorgeous and the day started with a bang as my best friend from high school Robin and her daughter Erica came for the very first time.  They loved the hip happening vibe of the arsenal and they bought lots of treasures from hip chick with promises to come back once a month.  Miraculous news coming from Robin let me tell you, LOL!  My daughter Abby and her friend Kendyl helped me on the cash register which allowed me the joy of popping in on my other artist friends to share in their displays and merriment.  Gordon, Kae and Jannie all stopped by which was sweet and supportive, thanks guys!   Beautiful Sandi and Lisa came in with their splatter.  Lisa bought a gorgeous green vintage dress that glowed on her!   The crowds were a plenty and the store was packed which was so exciting to see as ordinarily it is pretty quiet.  We had good sales and people all enjoyed the food, the atmosphere and good vibes of the studio.  Bob my studio mate was happy to chat with everyone and he had a banquet table full of food to offer anyone who cared for a nibble. 
Sunday was more of the same.  Abby and Marina helped me on the register, it was sunny and the crowds all came again which made it another huge success.  My hubbie made it home to come and share the festivities and then my sister and her family all arrived to make it a real party.  Andrew, Dave C and Monica, Usha and James popped in, Kat,  John and Roger came later so all through the day we had visitors coming to support hip chicks.  Kat bought a ton of treasures and she has always been a great friend and loyal customer!  What joy it was to share this dream with all these people I love, it is indescribable.  My friends Sally, Laura and Mitch were all having a blast in Laura's studio and they all sold pieces to make it a profitable weekend.  I wish we did this event more often as it's so pleasant for people to see the arsenal and for the artist to sell their art. 
As for me I will be out scouting for more goodies to replenish the inventory, taking a deep breath and counting my blessings for all the success of this last weekend.  It was a hugely successful open studios and I thank all of you for your support, it keeps me motivated and inspired.  I'm grateful I am able to do what I love and share it with people I care about.  There's nothing better than that. 
The dynamo trio

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  1. Carrie, you really add so much style and energy to the arsenal! Thank you for being courageous and following your dream to have a studio and shoppe. You are truly and inspiration!!