Wednesday, November 10, 2010

San Damiano tutu shots

Monday I took the red tutu to San Damiano in Danville for a photo shoot. It was a gray day and not ideal for picture taking but I didn't care too much. You gotta go when the mood strikes regardless of lighting, and I had a chunk of time so I drove on up and wandered around. Here's San Damiano in a nutshell....."OUR MISSION is to provide a peaceful environment of natural beauty where spiritual renewal and growth may be sought by people of all faiths and backgrounds. In the spirit of St. Francis and guided by the Franciscan traditions of joy, hospitality, compassion, peace and simplicity, we offer contemporary and challenging retreats and programs in response to the changing needs of God's people." This retreat is in the heart of downtown Danville at the top of Highland Dr. and many people go there for retreats, gatherings, spiritual healing and quiet. Not many people are there taking pictures with tutus but then again I am kinda quirky....
I envisioned a tutu shrine shot and mine is ok, nothing exceptional but not every photo shoot produces the epic shot. But the point isn't always to get the perfect shot but to have fun and see what happens. I had a few curious looks for sure but no one seemed to mind the silly girl and her red is a place to embrace all people and all spirituality. My tutu is a form of spirituality, it brings me peace, happiness and joy. It also brings many people peace, happiness and joy so this encourages me to keep playing with it.
Today Ben my husband decided to tackle our hairy beast of a dog, Chester. He is a combo German Shepherd and Poodle and one big ball of fur. Kinda like a Rastafarian dog when we let his hair grow long. It gets all matted and clumpy and NASTY. Being we are kinda cheapskates and don't want to fork over $100 to tame this hairy beast, we have the home job kit. Scissors and a electric razor. Ben is the groomer and he does surprisingly well with it. When it's cattiwamus well that just gives Chester that unique hip look that you just can't get from a professional groomer..


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