Monday, May 2, 2011

Open Studios and following your gut

Open studios was this weekend and it was a big success.  We artists love having people come out and share in our spaces and in our love of creativity at the Arsenal.  Thank you to all who came out to support us.  We had newbies who ooooohhhh'ed and ahhhhhhh'ed and then we had familiar faces stop by to lend support and buy some of our wares.  We love those folks!!  We gear up for this for months and we always say, "We should do this more often" but truth be told it wouldn't be as good if we did it all the time.  It's better to have something fabulous only occasionally as it keeps it's allure that way.  Here are some pictures I took with my Itouch.  Sadly my Nikon is in the shop and I won't even go there about how upsetting it is.....back to happiness and's the montage...................................
the entry
the gorgeous Jan Ely stopped by... 

my daughter Abby and her friend Louise helped a lot
Cami and Olivia came to check it out
and of course Terence came to hang in his spot.

Lee wanted to rock a tutu....who am I to refuse?

Hip Chick with Hermann chickalicious

Molly, Carrie and Carrie again...
   tutu lovers.......
 Hip chick with sweet Sandi all in bloom...
these artsy girls grabbed at my chocolate cake.....
 Scott was kickin it in his studio
Hip Chick in her signature tutu

my helpers took a time out to be creative....always welcome at Hip Chick's!
now this shirt should be mine!  LOVED IT!
 If there's a party, Alexander is there!
two sassy hip chick's
 All hail the Queen....
new friend Erica and her art
Felix and Lynn dropped in for some fun

sassy friends Fran and Mary 

the shop

The pictures show the fun, that's what I love about taking them.  We artists love to show off our work though and I am happy to say I sold many of my art pieces.  It's just VALIDATING to have someone buy something you made, ya know?  That's the best feeling there is, as a creative person, lemme tell you.  
So today I vegged all day.  Yummy.  Spring is here and I couldn't be happier.  Cause I'm like the weather, "when it's cloudy, I'm cloudy and when it's sunny, I'm sunny".  This weeks weather looks to be nice and warm and I intend on making the most of it, I hope you do too.  Thanks again to those who were able to come, and thank you for those of you who couldn't, but who are taking the time to read my blog.  I appreciate YOU too, and I will be going online for those who want to buy hip chick goodies but live too far away.  I wanna help you out!  What can I say, I am just nice like that....

I was just about to sign off and I saw my topic titile said "open studios and following your gut" and I didn't talk about about guts I guess I better.  Guts.  Hmmm.  a messy, gooey, topic really.  haha.  I put that in my Title because if I hadn't followed my gut I wouldn't have been participating in Open Studios at all.  So it is by following your gut that you get these sparkely gems that you never would have dreamed of until they present themselves.  I encourage you to just try to do that thing you love, just sometimes, and see what happens.  We are called to it, and if you don't listen, then you will miss out.  And that's sad.  I know fear is a powerful forcefield and it can convince us that we aren't good enough, that we don't have the time, the money, the degree, the influence, the space, the energy, the passion, the whatever we need to have to do it.  But we do.  It's only a matter of doing it.  I promise.  It's only a matter of saying yes.  Yes I will try, yes I will do that thing, yes I will do one tiny little step towards that enormous goal that seems so big I could never get there.  And then before you can believe it, you're what's stopping YOU?
"love yourself"


  1. Hey BESTIE!!!!!! OMG..I wish I lived near you so I could participate in all of the fun and sport a fabulous tutu......I am sooooo jealous......It looked like you all had an amazing time...You are so inspiring.....I am really starting to think and believe that opening a little store is what I am supposed to do..I dream about it all the time....That might be what is missing from my life....Not is everything going? Are you caught up on SR? I am behind...I LOVED the "She did it Anyway" lesson...That is my new LOVE IT......

  2. I just LOVE this post. You sparked something in me that is saying "YES...take that next step toward your dream." Thank you for this inspiration. You are creating such beauty!

  3. Hello bff!!!!! So, I had a long talk with my hubby after you and I spoke on the phone and we have decided to GO FOR IT!!!! We are looking for a property with a big barn that I can convert into a store/studio..If we cant find one..he said we will build one....WOOHHOOOOO!!!! I told him that this is something I NEED to do for me and that I will not be truly happy until I do there...hahahahaha.....In the meantime....I will do the Artists Way and Soul Restoration and start creating things for my etsy and my soon to be little slice of heaven.......I also journaled a "no more buts/no more excuses page"......from today forward I will focus on making my dream a reality.......I am also going to focus on not caring what people think about me......bc the bottom line is I truly dont am who I me or leave me.......screw it....I am going to do what I want to do from this day forward......Thank you............

  4. Bestie!!!! thank you for the encouraging words on my blog....I am sooooooo BEYOND excited....I feel like I am coming ALIVE...finally.......Like this is what I am supposed to do......So we are looking for a property with an old barn...How awesome would that be.......Lunie Bin in a big old barn...PERFECT!!!!!!!!hahaha......This feels so RIGHT....I feel like I have found the missing piece......I feel like Lunie Bin represent the "real" me......and bringing it to life....brings me back to life too......WOOHHHOOOOOO...It is going to be an amazing adventure....I cant wait to have you some out and teach....So many great things are about to happen......I am so friggin happy!!!!!!!

  5. I am oh so so happy your event was a success... it looks like so so much fun, I wish we lived closer... honestly... I am thankful my sewn bags were a part of it, plse let me know if you need more and also, let me know if you would like some of my vintage bottlecap magnets or pompom hoops, have you seen them? visit my blog and scroll down.. lots of new items! Let me know.. your event looks like a huge success.. CONGRATULATIONS!!! XO HUGS Happy Friday!

  6. WOW! Twirling and whirling with inspiration after reading this post, and seeing your amazingness! I've just found you & am SO GLAD! I've wanted to have my own shop since i was a little girlie & your shop is pure and utter inspiration for my bones. THANK YOU, for being you, for saying YES, for following your gut, and for rocking the TUTU! woohoo! I will one day rock my own shop (hopefully soon!) when the right location presents & my gut feels right. THANK YOU for inspiring! XO! Carissa