Monday, August 1, 2011

Road trips are meant to rejuvenate the spirit

Hi Blogger fans,
I realize I haven't been bloggin as much, I'm sorry.  Just haven't had a ton to say I guess.  Last week I admit this hip chick was struggling to keep any shred of sanity with the PMS from menopause hell....I was psycho..I mean so psycho even my daughter was looking at me with some fear in her eyes...It ain't pretty sometimes I hate to say.  In fact I was SOOO grumpy, anti social and pyscho I went to the shop on Friday to open and couldn't do it, couldn't face the public, locked myself inside instead, and re-arranged, de-cluttered and saved the world from my psychosis.  It was the right call, sometimes you just gotta take care of yourself and know it's ok.
Well today I am finally getting back some balance and preparing for a 5 day road trip with my family to So. Cal.  Just a mini vaca to rejuvenate the mood and have a little fun.  We are hitting Ventura, Newport, Disneyland (for Abby) and San Luis Obispo to see what fun we can find.  We like to do a trip for summer and this year couldn't swing a big Hawaii excursion.  Too expensive.  So road trips work and anytime you get to get outta town and stay in a hotel it's fun.
When I return I am gearting up to teach my first art class at the shop, August 20th.  It's a timeline of your life with pictures and collage.  Powerful experience.  I encourage those who can attend to sign up, I am providing lunch and we will take the day to create our life's masterpiece.
So for now I need to pack and get ready.  Just wanted to say a quick hello and good-bye to those who check my blog.  It's so nice to know you care..
I will share pictures, but what I am doing more and more is posting on my Hip Chick facebook page, it's faster and sometimes that works.  I like the blog for sharing more stories and elaborating on topics...
Hope you all have a fabulous week, I appreciate you!

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