Friday, November 18, 2011

Free Pet Portrait for the Holidays!

I am giving away a free custom pet portrait for the Holidays and the lucky winner could be YOU! Do you love your pet? Do you know someone else who LOVES their pet? Then you are eligible. All you need to do is email me your name and why you love your pet to You are entered to win. The lucky winner will be announced December 1, 2011. They will receive a custom pet portrait of their choice just in time for the holidays. I have been enjoying painting pets so much lately that I felt it would be in the spirit of giving to provide a lucky winner this heartfelt prize. The best part about painting people's pets is how happy they are with the results. I love seeing people's faces light up when they see their beloved animal on canvas and that is why I offer pet portraits for a service. This is valued at $150.00 so it's a real treat for someone to win. Here are some recent portraits I did for a client who had a whole family of dogs
I have painted many animals and more can be found on my website if you are interested. Here is the link.
My favorite pose for a portrait is close up and personal. If you can get the animal to show it's personality that makes it really special. I started painting pets after I painted my own dog, Chester. He is a German Shepherd/Poodle mix with lots of wild hair. He was such fun to paint that I thought "hmmm, pet portraits.." and that was that. The winner will also get their portrait and story featured on my blog, so don't even think of passing on this fun opportunity! What's better then free?

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