Monday, December 26, 2011

"Reach"-my word for 2012

I lay in bed, cozy and comfy.  It's my favorite place to fill up my juices.  I am grateful for all the holiday celebrations, and ready to look ahead to the New Year. Recently, I read a post about how to find a word for the New Year to emulate what you want to focus on, and thought, "I should do that".
Here is the link for those who care to read it... So after much thinking I came up with the word "REACH".  This painting will be my Reach inspiration, I barely started it and will share it's development as it evolves...

and tonight I did this one with my new pan pastel I got for Christmas...

It feels like what I am going to be about next year.  I want to reach further and higher, to stretch myself to my fullest capacity.  I even treated myself to some help.  I am going to be working with Tiffany Moore of Teahouse studios, to help me structure and nurture my goals for the upcoming year.  This is a giant step for me, to have someone help me fine tune my goals.  I have never done this before and I am really excited.  It's so easy for me to have art ADD and want to do this, and that and then flitter all about and not get anywhere.  With help I am hoping to implement a more strategic way to get where I want to go.  Even knowing exactly where I want to go is hard, but I have some lofty goals, and while I am moving towards them I know it will become more known to me where I am supposed to go.  That's what always happens.  When I am in action the universe responds.  Usually very generously.  It's the getting going that can be the challenge, and in which direction.    So instead of bumbling about like I tend to do, I am hiring a guide.  How lovely, to not have to figure everything out on my own!!  Yay.
I am also treating myself to some delicious inspirational reading, I can't recommend this enough! "Succulent Wild Woman" by SARK.  I am devouring it, bite by delicious bite. It is a feast for my creative senses, in every way.  Visually stimulating, emotionally engaging, and highly motivating.  I read a few pages everyday to start my engines, she is so inspirational.  Here's just a sample of what I mean...

"All my life, I've heard that I'm too much.  Too wild, too outrageous, too emotional, too sensitive, too needy, TOO MUCH. "
"Living wild has consequences.  Welcome to these and learn from them.  PLEASE GIVE YOURSELF TOO MANY GIFTS! "

"We have the right to live wild, succulent lives.  right now open your window and yell at the top of your lungs "I'm here1 I'm wild!  I will live a daring and remarkable life! "
scary huh...
I have really only started this book and there is so much MEAT to it I don't do it justice.  I encourage you to read it, do what she says and treat yourself.  I have been doing this lately and I am loving it.  It feels good, and am I harming anyone? NO, am I making us go broke? NO, am I giving myself what I need? YES!  hip hip hooray!!  It's kind of hard isn't it to really dote on ourselves, we are so used to being martyrs that it's actually EASIER to deprive ourselves then treat ourselves.  Now I can't speak for you of course, maybe you are already a succulent wild woman who completely, utterly loves herself and treats herself like the queen that you are.  if so, GOOD FOR YOU!  You are awesome.  Personally I don't know that many women who do this.  And I know a lot of women, and very strong, talented women at that.  Even me, a tutu dancing, artist has a hard time totally indulging myself.  I am learning, and I learn form those who show me how.  I look to the women who "lead by example".
So I think 2012 is going to be a big growth year, and I intend on reaching and stretching myself as far as I can.  Here's how....
I want to try new things, go on adventures with people I love and by myself, grow artistically, improve in my business, meet new friends and play with those who can, love deeply and often, laugh daily, pause when agitated, SLOW DOWN and quit being so impatient all the time, shush my critic and encourage myself instead, be kind, be silly, be TOO MUCH, be creative, dance and sing and eat good food, sleep a lot, and exercise, feed my spirit with spiritual food, be in nature often, see great movies and eat popcorn, have passionate sex, massages and pedicures, explore towns I have never been to, talk to strangers and take classes, take tons of pictures and absorb the world as a wondrous, glorious place, swim in tropical waters with turtles and eat fresh mangoes, try a new art retreat and learn new techniques, have artist dates with myself and marvel at the limitless possibilities of creativity, love myself more and stop being so critical, go to flea markets often and find amazing treasure, learn how to build things, paint often and not care what it's for, spend less time on facebook and more time with real people, do nice things for those I care about, and even those I don't know, reach and stretch and grow beyond what I can even think of, and most of all be grateful.


  1. Great blog post Carrie. I've been on the back burner for too long now, and need to bring back that wild woman that I use to be (I know she's here somewhere). You've inspired me to come up with my word for the year, and put on paper how I'm going to start enjoying my life more. Time to put all the thoughts rolling around in my head into action. A sincere thank you for writing this. I think you're already pretty awesome, but I look forward to hearing about your adventures, growth and being TOO MUCH! Watch out 2012! xo

  2. Love your plans for the new year!
    You're inspiring all your know that, right?

  3. Carrie*! you are a Star,, looking forward to seeing all you reach.

  4. Just found this post and your blog through Tracy Verdugo's and I LOVE your post. Your list of wishes is so succulent in itself--makes me really inspired to live a super RICH year. You got me at "swim in tropical waters with turtles"--ahhhhh. Thanks for this inspiration and vivid imagery/actions.


  5. Great post! I'm about to check out the quinncreative blog and pick my own word for 2012. I found your blog thru the Life Book group - cant wait to make great art!

  6. Lovely intentions. I look forward to seeing you reach for the stars in Book of Days :)

  7. i like your word.
    love your insight.
    how awesome to have someone walk this with you too!
    you are so wise.
    eager to see/watch/read how it goes for you.