Saturday, April 7, 2012

Do the work...

Lately I have been motivated to paint.  I rarely go long stretches without making something but after Artfest I have decided to try to do a painting a day.  I did manage to do so thus far here they are

Day 1 is this one

 Day 2 is this
 Day 3 is this

Day 4 this
Day 5 this
this last one is done with fat oil pastels and it was messy!  I like it but I recognize it isn't exactly right.  What I am happy about is my ability to be ok with that.  I had the meanest critic ever always harping at me until recently.  He isn't gone but he doesn't get listened to as much.  Instead I am focused on just doing the work.  Whatever we do be it painting, skiing, dancing, music, learning a language, whatever it is, we only get better at it by practicing.  There are a rare few like Mozart and others who are simply genius, but alas I am not one.  I need to do a lot of practicing.  Most great artists have done years of work before they get any recognition, and I simply must follow suit if I aim to get really good.  I do.  Aim to get really good.  People are really challenging for me and I have shied away from them out of frustration.  No longer.  I meet them head on (literally) and dive in.  The only way to do it is to do it.  I am so profound, it's scary.  Ha Ha.  I am focused and dedicated which are necessary components to success, and passion is the most essential ingredient of all.  I am passionate about creating,  I want to see what I am capable of.  It's only been a couple of years since I started this store/studio and it has changed constantly.  At times the store has been a bigger focus than my art.  Right now it's flipped and my art is a bigger focus.  So I am going to keep at it.  Just thought I would share, often I read how I am inspiring another and that makes me grateful.  I am fortunate to be able to go to the beach next week and get some ocean air in my lungs.  We'll see what this produces, hope you all have a Happy Easter !

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  1. Love 'em all--especially Day 3! Thanks for sharing and inspiring!