Sunday, June 17, 2012

Last happenings

Its been almost 2 months since I have done a blog post, wow.  I am sorry for those who check this and wonder what happened?  I have been neglectful.  I do facebook daily and I guess that works best as it's quick and easy, the blog I was using for stories, events, bigger things basically.  Guess nothing that big has been noteworthy?  But alas it's not true.  Things are changing as they always do and this is the latest.  Since my last blog post I have been co-partnering with Michelle Barton at the shop.
We met at Annie Sloan's San Francisco workshop and clicked right away.  She was loving everything about Hip Chick Designs and wanting to help out and be a part of it.  My hands make light work, and I thought "let's give it a try".  Its been a good fit.  She works Tuesday and Wednesday and every other Saturday which frees up my time quite a bit.  She also has a great eye for design and can add her own style and twist to the over look of the shop.  If you come and meet MIchelle you will be charmed by her Southern hospitality and smile.  She is simply delightful.  As well as acquiring a partner we have acquired more space!  My studio mate Bob comes only once a week and has the most desirable space in the back with nothing but delicious light.  We agreed the space is underutilized and have de cluttered, painted and "Wa-La" transformed the place!  I can show you a sneak peek...
I can't wait to really get this going with cute furniture and play and host classes in the future.  I just want to hang out back here it's so inviting....what is going well is Chalk Paint.  I love it, customers love it, everything looks good in chalk paint and I am glad I am able to sell it.  The best thing about chalk paint is the quick fix, you can slap on this stuff and in less then a couple hours have it totally transformed and fabulous.  It goes on anything and makes it look amazing.
on the creative fron I have been busy with some commission projects, I painted an outdoor mural and pet portrait as well as I like to work on my own creations when I have time.  I made this piece called "She Soars" lately and I want to create a series of women silhouettes in various modes, they resonate with me.  I love using all that I am, a woman, a seeker, a painter, and putting it together on canvas.  I get in my way too much over thinking what to paint instead of just letting it happen. I am learning and this is an ongoing process for me.
I am very critical of my art, usually wishing it were somehow 'better', my biggest obstacle is me and my critic, and I wrestle with it constantly.  I tell you this so you know I just keep at it, and that's the hardest part, to just do it anyway.  I want to break through the things that get in my way in life, be it people, circumstances or my own negativity.  By gently, and sometimes forcefully acknowledging the block I can work towards removing it.  I am reading a wonderful book about this topic called, "Trust the Process"by Shaun McNiff.  It helps to know that I am not alone, that many other people struggle like me with the same issues.  I don't have a lot of creative people close to me to bounce this off of, it's usually me, myself and I in the studio and sometimes that's a dangerous combination!  I love the creative energy that exists among artists, the camaraderie and non competitive nature that we want to help each other see what we need to see.  
Today is Father's Day, I never liked this holiday as I had bad vibes in the Father department growing up.  Now I get to celebrate my husband being a good father and today we are going to Santa Cruz.  My favorite.  I love the beach, it's where I feel most grounded.  My goal is to be living there in two years, and I will have to find a sweet spot to relocate the shop.  But for today, I will just go enjoy the sound of the waves and watch Abby ,my daughter and Ben , my husband, surf.  Thanks for checking in on me.  A heads up for those who go to the shop.  I will be closed from June 30th to July 7th for 4th of July summer vacation.  Nothing like Bass lake and s'mores to celebrate independence. Thank you for all your love and support with Hip Chick Designs, it's you who care that help me keep doing what I am doing..

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  1. Have fun at the beach Carrie! Cant wait to see you in September and look forward to meeting your beautiful family as well ♥