Thursday, November 19, 2009

Cow skulls and the joy of living authentically

Yesterday was a great day for this hip chick. I went to the studio and right away made a sale in the first five minutes of opening. What a way to start the day! I am so delighted that my shabby chicy merchandise is appealing to customers and it's validating to me as I am about to expand and move forward. I spent some time tagging items, and I wanted to paint out our fireplace cover that Ben made out of fiber insulation. It was hideously obnoxious and as it's a focal point in the room I had to do something to jazzy it up. This "plug" if you will, is pretty big about 3x3 and glaringly white...what to do.....I thought about painting a scrolly design but that wasn't firing me up until I looked up at my cow skull over my doorway and knew I could get psyched about that. So I furiouslly painted my skull and shazam our hideous screen is now a work of art that makes our fireplace dazzle. Maybe there's a market there...hahaha. As I worked on my skull I had another sale to top off my jubuliant mood, two tables for a little girl's room were out the door for a mere $50.00 (Bargains are the norm at Hip Chick's) As I was driving home in the usual traffic, I was so satisfied by my day. I am able to do what I love and make some money doing it. I'm not making enough to support myself yet but just getting started and making small sales has me excited and motivated for the future of my business. I get to paint and sell my paintings and that feels fantastic. It shows me that I can do what I love and make a living if I only believe in myself. It's scary to be so open and exposed, to say here's what I am and what I can do, but the benefit to it is worth it. The satisfaction that comes from living authentically is priceless. Money is merely a symbol, a validating useful means of getting what we need and want. There is no amount of money that equals the satisfaction of putting yourself into a passion and getting positive feedback. That personal connection is what it's all about, the essence of what drives us as people. We all love to make people happy and we all have our own unique ability to do this. To me that's the beauty of life is seeing how everyone finds their way to express themselves and live authentically. Are you living your life authentically?????? I'd love to hear about it.....

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