Tuesday, December 22, 2009

1972 Ford 250- Past Due Tuesday

Here's Hip Chick's new ride a 1972 Ford 250.  Ain't it perttie???? In keeping with my love of old things I needed an old truck to haul my treasures and I just bought this baby on Sunday.  It's a creamy yellow with a Mack truck doggie as my mascot/hood ornament to show me the way to the nearest flea.  Inside it has one long seat with the old buckles, no radio (which will have to be rectified soon), a giant steering wheel and crank window handles, imagine that!!! I swear I was cracking up driving it around downtown Danville which is basically SUV and Lexus heaven.  I can't wait to get my tunes so I can crank Tom Petty's "American Girl" sport my cowboy hat and yell "yee-haw!!".  Funny thing is I don't even like horses........Now that I'm a good ole girl I will be learning more about these ole cars, I used to drive an old Plymouth Fury that I bought for $200.00 with a V8 back in the 80's and this so brings me back to that time.  This baby is LOUD too, let me tell you you'll be able to hear Hip Chick comin' from far away......hope I don't get kicked out of my neighborhood......


  1. This is very brave of you in "Lexus heaven"..., but you go girl! I would. Blow all those "yups" out of the water.
    I love this truck. It's just wonderful.
    Merry Christmas to you.

  2. What a BEAUTIFUL set of wheels! And so useful, too! I envy the fun you'll have driving it around. Enjoy!