Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Shiny Bright Christmas Ornaments

Vintage Christmas ornaments are delicious and somewhat easy to find. I remember the first time I scored a box of shiny brights was in Carmel Valley at a thrift shop and the whole box was about a dollar. It was love at first sight and ever since I swipe them up when I can. I made my first ornament wreath the other day hot glue gunning balls and balls and I used a few of my precious shiny brights. It would be ultimate to make an entire wreath with all vintage balls, costly too but I will make it a goal to try to make another one for next year. I am painting at the shop (Hip Chicks-Benicia) and I am jazzed at the progress. Tomorrow we begin the checkerboard floor and then I can bring more goodies, do a photo shoot, and advertise. Let's get the people flocking to Hip Chick's for fabulous finds and fun!!!

Shiny Brite Christmas ornaments were made and sold by Max Eckardt from the 1940s to 1960s.

They can be identified by the words "Shiny Brite Made in USA" stamped into the ornament's top cap.
According to information on the box, there were factories in North Bergen, New Jersey and West New York, also in New Jersey.


  1. Holy moly! Those ornies are very unusual! I love them too! Your wreath turned out simply fab! Hope your holidays are "shiny brite" too!

  2. Those ornaments are little jewels in of themselves! People love them so much--we bet there's a huge untapped market for repro's out there, but the original can't be beat! Thanks for the background on them, and thanks again for participating in PDT!!!

  3. I love Shiny Brites! A few years ago I was able to pick up quite a few also selling at one dollar per box - I guess that was just before folks realized what they had. Now they're more scarce around here. But I treasure the ones I have.
    Thanks for reminding me to dig them out of storage!

  4. I'm lusting over your box of ornaments! Your wreath is Gorgeous!

  5. I love the vintage ornaments. I bought my first one last month. I can't wait to see your Hip Chick shop. Sandi gave me your website. You inspire me.