Sunday, January 3, 2010

Alameda Antique extravaganza!!

What a day!! It started off a little shaky at 7am when we went to start "Daisy"(new old truck) and she wouldn't start.  It took about 8 tries and she finally got going which was a HUGE relief as the sole purpose of buying her was to haul stuff from the alameda to the studio.  Also just to let you know I had quite a stressful day Saturday as I brought Daisy home from the shop where I spent $1,500 on brakes.  That wasn't even the stressful part, I came home to drop off the dog and ran inside only to lock the keys in the truck while it was still running in the driveway.  OUCH.  The driver door automatically locks when you shut the door which makes this a normal problem except that I hadn't made sure the passengar door was unlocked because I has JUST got it home from the shop 2 seconds before. Anyway the tow truck man came and $55.00 later got it unlocked.  So I was feeling some hesitation on if Daisy was going to actually cowgirl up and get us to the alameda.  But she rose to the occasion and pulled through on her maiden voyage and she loved it.  She really loved all the attention and admiration she got and I really loved how much stuff she holds!! We filled up 2 carts full with windmills, armoires, tables, baby cots, deer horns, cow hides and whatever we could fit in the back.  Elias was a Godsend in helping us load and secure everything so I was road worthy and we made to Benicia without dropping a thing!! Woo hoo!! Thanks Elias, hope you read The Artist Way!!!

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  1. Hi Carrie- so nice to meet you yesterday! You were full of energy and we like that in our Alameda friends!!! I look forward to seeing you again in our spot (yes, we had the sold windows!) and I will let you know if I have more as soon as I get back to the shop! Love, love your truck....I have a vintage travel trailer and there is just something cool and amazing that happens to the soul inside these old beauties isnt it!?!!! Sandy, The Tattered House