Saturday, January 9, 2010

Freezing in Benicia and "The countdown begins"

Spent the day at the studio freezing my ass off, it was UBER cold in Benicia today. It's dreamy there in the warm weather, not so much on cold days....I had 4 heaters cranked all day and it wasn't near warm, so for the grand opening fiesta, dress warm ok??!!( BTW the tits aren't mine) Anyhow, I made a lot of progress, defined some structure, made groupings, and tomorrow we hang the big stuff (Ben actually will). My friend Laura who has a neighboring studio came by and said it felt like "Anthropology" my favorite place on earth so that was a big compliment. I have tagging galore to do and I am so doggone excited I can't believe in one week we will be there.  Daisy is parked there for her big debut, looking cute as a button.  Let's pray it doesn't rain!!!! T minus 7 days..........


  1. Carrie, best of luck to you on the big day. I so wish I could tele-transport out there to join in your celebration. Blessings to you and your biz.

  2. yippeeeee woo whoo, yeeee hawww. you go girl! i'll be there :)
    kim haworth