Monday, February 8, 2010

SF Gift Show

Wow, what an amazing experience! I went to the gift show for the first time and it was fantastic! I started off in the 'vintage' section, (of course) drooling and lusting over Wendy Addison's booth. Wendy is a local artist in Port Costa, she's delightful and her works of art are wildy popular. I purchased two snails and a glittered frame and lusted after every piece of hers. After I managed to drag myself away from Wendy's booth, I went next door to "My Favorite Things" and lusted after all Tina's goodies. She makes sooooo many wonderful things and I got a little of this and that (come see me in Benicia and I'll show you myself). These ladies know how to put charming letterpress and glitter together let me tell you....I wanted to buy everything and my budget wouldn't allow it so I had to exhibit self-control (not my usual strong suit). What I did do was gather catalogs and contacts for when I strike it rich. When I do, I shall know exactly what to spend the money on. The other booths were great too. The funny shots of me with the horse head were taken by Jamie of "Accoutrement's" she had a nice easy going vibe and was happy to appease my goofiness. The camera was NOT popular and very few people were nice about my picture taking. I had a few threats actually, and I nearly went to jail over one casual picture which was non-consented. I learned not to do that twice! All in all this hip chick was bowled over with the bounty of goodies she wants to stock in the shop. Many suppliers had huge minimum order amounts $350-$400, but some were more reasonable like $100, still it's all money out at this point. So I need to save up and gear up for the summer show since I have some experience with how this operates. Thank you Jamie and Tina for being good sports and letting me take pictures. I had a blast taking it all in. This is definitely one of the perks of having my own business, I get to shop in the big leagues!!

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