Sunday, February 7, 2010

Alameda Antique

What a gorgeous day today on the bay. I went to the Alameda with Ann and got some goodies for the shop. The choices are many and the hard part is deciding what to spend your money on. Do I buy the vintage hat, do I buy the sweet mirror, dresser, jewelry box etc...It can be overwhelming if you aren't used to it. Even I get bogged down with the choices but not so much that I don't end up carting a nice pile of things home. So here's what caught my eye. A box full of vinatge cards, postcards, and some old correspondence journals, and old books, a horse on wheels that is wooden and looks like it was in an amusement park, a shoe form, a pretty box and a card holder. This and that. I never know what I'll walk away with. Oh and a chalkboard. Ann only got some old photographs and a sweet looking shelf. It was small in comparison to last months hall. Photobucket I aged this photo of Ann to look like we went many many years ago....It's always fun to people watch and the gal at the top of the page had a sweet set up and was having a blast scooting around. I loved the ingenuity of her being mobile and able to take her child therefore making it work. You see all kinds of people at the Alameda, the vintage dressed, the quirky, the ordinary, the vogue, people who get into the whole scene and that just adds to the flavor of it all. We are so lucky to have this so close some of these vendors travel from out of state to sell here. It's a guaranteed good time.

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  1. It's certainly a playground for juicy people who
    splatter everywhere!