Thursday, March 25, 2010

Fathers and daughters

As I sit here pondering what to post for my blog I think I will post about fathers.  My husband is building a glider with my daughter Abby as we speak, it's a science project and yes Abby is lucky she has a father who will help her AND that her father happens to be a pilot.....It's sweet and they are enjoying making it together.  What Abby doesn't realize is just how lucky she is to have a father who would do anything for her, and who enjoys helping her.  I wasn't so lucky.  My real father left when I was 2 maybe 3 and I never saw him until I was 35 and I finally met him for the one and only time.  My step father was not a very good parent to me and he never really accepted me as his own, we never really liked each other and when I was 18 we were finally rid of the burden of being 'related'.  So the father thing is sad for me, it's not something I think about or dwell on to be honest but when I see tender moments between my daughter and Ben it makes me grateful I married such a generous and kind man.  He is the kind of father I wish I had and even though I don't have a good father I can have a good husband who also happens to be an excellent father.  He's patient, loving, smart, helpful, funny and dependable to name a few.  Honestly he doesn't even know I'm posting about him, he is also very humble.  I wanted to marry the opposite kind of man to my step father and I did.  Ben never yells, never orders me around and accepts me the way I am, all things that were not the case growing up.  I'm not interested in bashing my step dad, rather I am trying to show in contrast how grateful I am to have a man in my life who counters all that negativity into a positive.  I was fortunate to pick a man I knew would be dependable, kind and generous and my children are able to be raised in a family where they are loved by both of their parents.  This means the world to me, that my children have the kind of childhood I would dream for myself.  As a parent what more can you hope for???


  1. Carrie, count your blessings and wish you many, many more. God is good. Always remember to be thankful. Remy

  2. Carrie, I appreciate your reality that you shared. Your best revenge for your childhood is a great Adult life. Thank God that you could find it within your self to choose so wisely. Amen. Many more blessings are sent your way. Sandy