Sunday, March 28, 2010

Sirens in Sanity come to Hip Chick's

 Saturday at Hip Chick's was beautiful, the sun was shining, the air fresh and crisp and people were out and about enjoying themselves.  I started my day with a few sales, gathered some books, old paper, a couple of vintage dresses and a rack so as to start selling vinatge clothes (let's give it a whirl).  Then I opened up and had a few people come in, Harold and Patty my steampunk friends, and the day went by pleasantly.  Laura Ellington stopped in (she makes amazing vinatge jewelry-Green Paintbrush) and as we were chatting these beautiful ladies come in dressed to the nines in all their colorful clothes and took my breath away!! These are the "Sirens in Sanity"belly dancers , they had a performance nearby and they all decided to grace my store with their beauty.  Of course I grabbed my camera and took their pictures and they were all so much fun buying jewlery and feathers, glasses and the like.  They made my day, nothing like an unexpected group of beautiful women to come along and crank up the energy! Makes me want to grab a halter and skirt and start shaking myself all to and fro....afterwards the family and I decided to see the show "Oklahoma" as our freinds Ann and Molly Taylor are in the cast.  It was a rip roaring good time and if you can go, see this show.  So quite a fun Saturday for this hip chick and thanks again ladies from Siren's, hope to see you all real soon!
Siren girls at Hip Chick's


  1. We all enjoyed ourselves so much, it was unexpected for us too! We will stop in again, either all together or individually! Thanks again...

  2. I love your shop! I'll definately come by again soon. Thanks for the warm welcome, and I'll be wearing my new ring and necklace this week in our belly dance classes. :-)