Friday, March 12, 2010

A look back at my beginnings

Today I thought about taking a second to look how far I've come in such a short amount of time. I got my studio last April of 2009 and I had the front section, Bob was right behind me and a woman named Robynn was in the back. This was how it remained until December 2009. That was when I expanded, Bob moved into the back and I made Hip Chick's a proper store. While I patiently waited to get my space ready I sold some treasure at Colorz Hair salon's Christmas Boutique in Walnut Creek. The month of December was busy with painting the floors, having our own Christmas and gathering merchandise. The Grand Opening was January 16th and now here it is March 12th, and it feels like I've been doing this a lot longer than just 2 months!!! I thought I would show a few pictures of this progression as it's always fun to look at where it was and where it is now. I started my store concept at "Room with a Past" renting a space for about a year before I realized I wanted to make my studio a store/art studio. "Room" gave me valuable experience as I got to merchandise my space, gather items, price, and feel what it would be like to have a store without the pressure of a large space. From Room I had accumulated a good stash of merchandise and I started with that, and then I kept adding to get enough to fill both sections of the studio. Now it's packed and I have a humble corner to store my painting supplies and necessities. I am thrilled at the progress I've managed so far, currently I am working on painting a series for open studios which is May 1st and 2nd and a HUGE once a year event for the arsenal. It's free, it's fun and if you're able to come I highly encourage it. All the artists open their doors and present their studios and you can see where they 'live', what art is made and meet these creative, wonderful people. Last year I had just come on the scene and I was tickled to meet as many of the artists as I could. This year I'll be in my store, hopefully selling my own art, selling fun treasures and showcasing my sweet haven. A lot can happen in a year that's for sure!!! Thanks to all who have been along for the ride and who continue to support and inspire me with their love and enthusiasm. It's my dream come true. Wonder where this next year will take me?????
Hip Chick today

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