Sunday, March 7, 2010

Sunny Sunday in Napa

What a gorgeous day to go to Napa, the weather was perfect! Abby and I were in Napa today to cheer Ben at the finish and he made it in 3hours 30 mins, super runner that he is. Not one to make a fuss he skipped the massage (Not me I can tell you) and we went to St. Helena to grab a well deserved meal. We ate at Cindy's backstreet kitchen and Ben had a duck burger and we toasted his accomplishment. He drove home and good thing as he was then called to work poor thing, whilst Abby and I did some sight seeing. Got a few trinket's at Lolo's consignment and then I took Abby to the castle where Jake was last week on the bachelor. It's gorgeous and it was fun to see the chickens and sheep cruising about the grounds. We saw a flea market that caught our eye (it never escapes mine!) and we decided to see if we could still grab a bargain before the day was over. It was still open, and a bit of a disappointment but we managed to find a couple goodies before heading home in bumper to bumper traffic. I think everyone was out on their Sunday drive today!! I was excited to see two rambling trucks as I'm in my truck phase, perhaps they will make it to the canvas sometime soon. All in all a killer day and topped off with the Academy Awards show, my favorite!


  1. Aren't you lucky to have such a hot husband!

  2. WooooooHooooooooo!!
    Yeah Baby!!
    Now this was a fab day

    Splatter! Splatter!