Monday, May 24, 2010

field trips and inspiration

Today I took Jean all over Berkeley to show her my usual treasure spots. We started at Urban Ore and I thought to bring my red tutu as she hasn't been on an outing for much too long. So we played with throwing her here and there but the BEST part was when I met Hugo and I asked him if he would like to wear it and he obliged! Only in Berkeley baby! He worked it big time twirling and snapping his fingers, he is my first male tutu model to date and I am so proud of him. Next we went to Fanny cafe for lunch and I had the grilled mozzarella and tapenade sandwich, yummy! Tummies full we browsed Ohmega Salvage where I took pictures and admired the iron gates while dreaming of french chateau's....Last but certainly not least we went to the Hen House in Lafayette. This darling store is in an old saggy house which only ads to the dazzling charm inside. I had fun trying on all Elizabeth's hats and had to purchase the flower charmer for a summer tea party in my future. Elizabeth is the owner of this fabulous shop and she has excellent taste in vintage sconces, ribbons, hats, you name it. I absolutely LOVE this store and she promised to come visit this hip chick at her store soon. Oh the fun of creative collaboration! I love these days of inspiration, of meeting new people and finding new places to shop. It's all in a day's work!! In addition to field trips I have been madly painting portraits and flowers, and feeling excited about my progress. I am seeing definite improvement and this makes me motivated to paint even more. My goal is to gather a body of work and try to have a show, but this will be a lofty goal as I only have a few pieces, I give so many away!! But I'm honored people like them and it pleases me to make something for someone I love. Thanks for checking in on hip chick's happenings and I always appreciate hearing from you!

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  1. i love your photos carrie! i really need an ohmega/urban ore fix and isn't the hen house simply the best? what a fabulous wheelchair...