Wednesday, May 26, 2010

overkill and the psychosis of knowing when to stop

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Remember the other day when I wrote how well my portrait was going?? Well, I am here to say it has since gone downhill as I have reworked it OVER and OVER and OVER. I swear that's the funny thing about painting is knowing when to stop. Clearly I don't. I liked it but I wanted to LOVE it. DANGER! Why did I think that by working on it I was going to improve it? This is the mysterious and baffling aspect of the process, I have painted the nose a hundred times, ok maybe not that many but WAY too many times to remember, and the lips and the eyes, the rest is done, but the face........ oh the face. It's taunts me with it's slightly not quite rightness and makes me want to try and try some more until all I've done is the same thing over and over again. HELLO, isn't this 'insanity'? Doing the same thing over and over but expecting a different result. The funny thing is I know I'm crazy and yet I can't stop, it's like a freakin drug this thing. I will DIE trying to get it right. I am so stubborn I will not quit. I might need a straight jacket by the time it's done but it will be worth it!!!! mmmmwaahhhaaaa....ok maybe it's not so dramatic as all that but I do hope I can fix it so I can proudly give it to it's owner with pride. This must be why I've avoided doing portraits for so long.........they will be the death of me!

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