Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Finney road field trip

Today was a field trip photo shoot on Finney Road in Danville with friends Molly and Ann Taylor, and my wonderful son. Alex (my son) and I were brainstorming some tutu ideas and we thought it'd be interesting to combine tutu's on a man and a women in an unusual setting. So Ann and I inspected Finney road the other day and found much to our liking and we planned our photo shoot for today. Tutu's and props in hand we shot pictures at the old schoolhouse. As the pictures show my models LOVE getting their pictures taken and are up for ANYTHING! My son happened to have red high heels from Halloween and let me tell you he can walk better than I can in those babies! Molly looks darling in anything she wears and her eyes always captivate the camera. After we shot at the schoolhouse we went up the road to where there are alpacas and they actually came to the fence and said hello. I was excited to continue the tutu series with a new twist and I have some great shots to ponder as possible paintings.

As for darling Daisy my 1972 Ford she needs a new engine and I was quoted $3,300 last week to 'fix' her. This was harsh news and I thought I had to say goodbye to my sweet truck until I found another mechanic who gave me HOPE with a much better quote. Nothing is set yet but it looks like Daisy might be rescued and once again I will have my girl running. I am not one to give up easily and Daisy had been a challenge from day 1. My error was not taking her to a mechanic and having her looked over and buying her strictly on looks and the sellers good word. Lesson learned ok! It' been one thing after another and by the time we're through she will have had almost everything done that could be done to get her running. But what can I say I'm a sucker for a pretty face and she had me at hello.

So that's what's been happening at hip chick's, the shop has been slow and steady, my painting is in a flow, and I am ever grateful to be creating my own niche in business. These are challenging times for any business so I feel incredibly fortunate to be able to stay afloat and do my thing. I couldn't do it without support and you people who read my blog help me to keep on truckin. Knowing that someone actually cares about what I'm doing gives me energy and drive to keep creating. I am rewarded by the happy faces, the interesting people and the fun I manifest with my newest idea. I can't wait to see what's next!


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