Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Fathers Day

Sunday was Father's Day and we had a fun time celebrating Ben, my husband and the best father I know.  Growing up Father's Day was dreaded for me, I had a step father I loathed and I had to 'fake' being all lovey dovey with a father's day card and celebrations for a man who I never felt was a good father.  I married a man who is the opposite of my stepfather, Ben is kind, gentle, caring, a good listener and always eager to help.  He models great values to our children and for this I am grateful.  So we planned on going to the DeYoung museum in San Francisco to see the latest impressionist exhibit on loan from the museum de Dorsey.  We had a traditional fry-up (British term for breakfast) with tea, juice, fruit salad, crescents, eggs, hash browns, bacon and sausages.  Then we toured the museum looking at paintings by Degas, Renoir, Monet and Cezanne.  These paintings are all so familiar as they have been in art history books everywhere and to see them in person was amazing.  I was struck by the use of line and color, namely the way the line was undefined and the palette was muted.  I also noted the high sheen of the varnish and the way the brush strokes were pronounced.  It made me want to use oils instead of acrylic, as they have a rich depth and texture.  I used oils until recently and only switched to acrylic due to cost and convenience.  Acrylics are so easy to clean and I am so lazy, and paint is expensive!  So I shall get good with acrylic and then start using oils for my future work....anyhow....back to fathers day.....after the art education class we scooted on over to North Beach where there was a big party, lots of interesting people, food and the like.  We had some calamari and listened to the blues while soaking up the rays of the sun then we walked around the booths looking at jewelry and things.  It was a leisurely day full of ice cream and good times, we stuffed ourselves with gelato and kettle corn so the spaghetti dinner was postponed til Monday.  A successful fathers day spending time together, taking in the city and all it's offerings!

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